Tuesday, October 14, 2014

رسالة إلى جدتي

We were wearing our Eid clothes. I was little, did not know what it meant. When I grew up, I realized your departure was eternal. There will be no days where you stay awake all night waiting for us to reach home, or have those very traditional breakfasts, you were lovingly forcing us to drink saffron milk, it tasted good when I think about it now.

Let me tell you how life changed: am a married lady now! Yes that's right! And even better, I have a son, his name is Mohamad, a complete ball of joy. Am sure you would loved him if you saw his big black eyes and button nose.

I drive every day to work, hoping its the last day I deal with a superior. Being the spirited person that I am I find it a struggle to cope of someone giving me orders. Do you think this day will come? I hope so.

On higher note, am also managing a little dream of a business, oh no stop your joyful tears granny. Bet you saw it coming.

I won't bore you with more details, because we are still living Hamdillah, but you are not here. The whole picture misses you so much.  That's why, I long for old days, for the simple life, I wish I have what I have now but back then if that makes sense. Guess nothing is perfect.