Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Three Mornings After...

I took steady steps towed my company. It’s been a while since I wore High Heels, I didn’t stumble as I always do.

These mandatory walks I take every day could be the most times I feel my mind wonders on everything. In that particular morning I thought of her.

I’ve been grateful so much for the people I’m surrounded with, and there were always my friends whom are considered my older sisters, since I wasn’t blessed with one.

But today, of all the past 23 years, I’m grateful for having my mom.

Day after day, I realize that nothing ever had a strong influence over me as much as it was from my mother. And I feel lucky feeling the resemblance is not with our pointy noses and long hair, but rather with our very strong personalities and patience that we were blessed with.

I was guarded with her soul wherever I went. She was always there.
As years went by, I feel a big bang over my head, that all this time,  my life been shaped the way my mom wanted it to be for me, her secret night prayers and casual hugs were all meant one thing. For me to have the best and live the best life.

I do feel contraversional and open minded more than her, thanks to our lifestyle, education and socializing with everyone. But deep down, I’m still a traditional as it gets. I disagree on taking off the limits between people, I disagree on leaving our morals just to please others.

In more than one occasion,  it was proved to me that showing a strong attachment to your own root, belief, and culture will make a person gain more respect than those trying to imitate whatever lifestyle they see on others.
And that’s what I’m most thankful for my mom.

What about you,  what are you thankful for ?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

At the office, the morning of February 6 2011

A faint sound I hear next door, another team is signing the birthday song followed by a massive clap. I guess he or she cut the cake now and made a wish.

I took two pills of advil, a shot of ibuprofen is so needed right now. And I think to myself:

Landing a perfect life comes with so much work and devotion. This very classic moves and lifestyle comes with so much determination to make every moment work so perfectly.

You can either give up from the very first move, or try to think logically of how to walk past it.
Life in all its responsibilities, should it be work, family, marriage and business will always have an obstacle and a ship that goes against our wind. In simpler words, a matter than comes against our wish.

Let’s all consider life a stepping stone. A stone we all jump over to get to where we want to be.

To making a wish for the best future, and the best genuine smile I witness on your faces.

Learning to Talk.

The reason why I had less words to say in my blog; is because I’ve been talking way more than usual in my daily life.
I consumed all my thoughts, dreams and ideas. Hopefully bringing them into reality.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Like Father Like Daughter

I held my dad from his shoulders as we were walking through the dead hospital corridor.

I looked at him and said: waal baba remember when I broke my elbow! Remember the morning I came to visit you when you had your backache? Or the time I had my first migraine and you brought my Saudi cousin who kept reading Girls of Riyadh to me while I was being injected with Voltarine?

How come we only realize how much our parents love us in these moments.

I always heard the phrase that every girl looks up to her dad as her role model. I came to believe in certain times of my life that it was the case for me too.

Living in an imperfect world that it, sometimes parents fail, they make mistakes, and they will somehow ruin their image. Mostly because they will try to make selfish decisions that involves them only and neglect that fact that when you have a family, any tiny thing to attempt will affect your whole household.

Always think twice of the pros and cons of every decision that coms into your life. Our relationships are very linked together that we need to consider everyone before making any new steps.

We all try to give happiness and hope to those around us as much as we can. Be that in always showing your availability to their needs of comfort, to engaging them in your happy days and letting them know constantly how lucky you are to have them in your life.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fighting Negativity: The Black Beans Effect

I never thought that one of the best advices I found was in an abandoned book somewhere in my mom’s books collection.

It was one those unbelievably boring days at home; I stretch myself on the floral sofa and I completely want to kill someone. That book was on top of the coffee table looking at me. A perfect square book that says “100 advices to live a happy life”. After running out of all the TV channels I decided to listen to my inner voice and pick up that book. I started flipping through the pages; nothing was that special, until I reached that particular page.

The Black Beans page.

According to an old Chinese story, put two glass cups somewhere obvious to you. Fill one of the glasses with raw black beans and the other leave it empty.

The idea is for every time, a negative thought comes across your mind, take one bean and put it in the empty glass.

By the end of the day, you should count the beans and realize how much negative thinking you attempted.

Miraculously, once you address your negativity, you will instantly turn these thoughts into happy ones. You will think less of anything that bothers you. The more you will be able to enjoy the happy moments and you won’t drag your mind to imagine bad things.

I tried this trick when I most needed it and I proudly say that I was able to fight my own thinking and force myself to be happy.

p.s missed this place so much. Hope my dearest readers are doing well.