Sunday, August 31, 2008

At the last minute

I have been told by "someone" :P that I like fast food a lot. And the truth is, I love food of awwwlll Kinds .... that sounds even worse.

Just a month ago I realized that I treat food the emotional way. I had gone through a stressing phase in the past few months & I turned to food for comfort. Lots & lots of lunch's, dinner's outside. & I have always felt better afterwords. Stupid me thought my good genes will fight all that fat, sugar & the rest of bad stuff. But oh boy, I gained enough weight to make my cheeks look it just got Botox-ed - That's how my friend puts it

The two pix I uploaded are the contrast of each other. If you notice the wholewheat pasta, cooking spray & some random stuff I picked at Apella superstore today. I'm more into healthy food lately, reading labels & lecturing my parents about High-fructos-corn syrup. Oh yeah that's the ugly thing that give us 23 kilos each year without us knowing. I became health goddess all of a sudden. My bestie salama is going thru the same phase, bags & shoes talk now is our least interest. Now it's all about cardiovascular exercise & protein bars :P It's great when you have someone supporting you.

I'm blabbering about food, because ramadan is coming & I know that means excessive indulgence of cheese samboosa & liters of Vimto.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Life is good when home is good

Lounging around with my camera, nothing to do except snapping pix of anything in front of me. And oh if only I can send you all these freshly-baked cheese buns. I like them dipped in honey <3

I love home. I love how simple it is, how it doesn't fit guests :P I was born here, I was raised here & I wanna get married & bring my children to play here. Lots of Drama happened during our life, but with the love of the family we could overcome it. I swear everything comes & goes. But love is the constant element that keep us all going. Today it just hit me that we all grew up & that childhood phase has moved away. I remembered all our accidents at home. One time we were BBQ-ing & my older brother was really naughty. My mom was so so pissed & warning him with that metal thing that you stiff the kebab with & grill lol I don't know what is it called. Anyway, in a split seconds my mom threw the metal thingie & guess what!! it flew right into my brother's leg. It reminded me of Robin Hood cartoon when they shot people with arrows. omg, luckily, only a tiny scar left its mark on my brother's leg. But poor mom was left guilty for quite a while. I always remember that scene in slow-motion. So scary.

--- Pause to watch Noor lol Muhannad is crying, Ok seriously they over did it ---

Anyway, All I wish is that:
الله لا يغير علينا

& may all your families stay well, happy & content :)

I slept like an owl !

This has to stop!!

My day went like this:

@8 in the morning: Logged off & slept

@5 : woke up for good

had late lunch, read a book, watched SATC, online, Dinner


I doze off on the sofa @9 till 11.

Sleep walking to my room & continued my sleeping until 3 in the morning.

now I'm awake while everyone is asleep. aah I hate it. I feel like a loser :x

Thursday, August 28, 2008


^ Have some Tabbuleh while I tell you what I did today. Kteer 6aybey btw ;)

So today....





Okay so before you get all judgmental & shoot me! It was an accident =( I got into my car, switched on the engine, plugged my Ipod & thought to myself! this day gonna be great! I'm gonna meet my friend Mzmz After two months in Munich & we gonna catch up on SO many Swalf i.e "Gossip". But noooo, I didn't realize that because I was so busyy day-dreaming, I stepped on that little beaaaautifull gray hairy Kitten ely ma adre mn wain 6l3atliii :X

What is even worse, is that I didn't feel like sumthin is under the "tayer", i thought maybe one of them has less air or whatever they call it. I stopped the car & went to check, Ok so everything is fine. Riiight before i go outta the door, I noticed the kitten laying on the ground looking uuuurgh..... Moment of Silence.......... Let's just say that I covered my eyes & started screaming my brothers' names to come see the murder I attempted.

Dad said, the kitten's soul gonna haunt me while am sleeping & I should put some tuna on my room in case she wanna eat! seriously not funny :S

Ayya 3alaiha am so depressed. Me & my family love pets so much. I still have my precious turtle since I was 7 years old. *Siiigh*

Okay, so the saddness moment is gone - That fast! that's pretty horrible what you did here - let's talk about something else. Time with Mzmz was greatttt. She gave me SATC DVD's to watch & a mag with Jennifer Aniston on the cover. One tradition me & Mzmz cannot get enough of is trading DVD'S & Magazines. Love ya* yal Jetsetter ;)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Best Kept Secret!

Not Anymore! Sign up to Grazia Insider card for a 20% discount on everything purchased from: Reiss <3 TopShop, luxecouture, Kitsch, Desert Rose, lucky brand jeans & so many others.

I recieved my card just today. Can't wait to abuse it at my favorite store Reiss :D

Your Asian Sanctuary

For those who want to reward themselves after a long hectic day at work or school. Head to Sharaniss Spa in Abu Dhabi for an amazing pampering day. Promised to leave your body & soul rejuvenated. The Spa offers a wide range of signature spa Siam treatments in addition to reflexology & so many other massages. Plus, elemis facials, mani & pedi, hair treatments & baths.

The best part is that the Spa has it's own studio for Yoga, Pilates & Belly dancing. I do Yoga there & I'm so loving it, super quite & the people working there are amazing, you just hear them whispering lol. Sharaniss Spa came in its perfect time, since we lack these facilities in AD, most of the great Spa's are located in Hotels or mixed.

For reservation call: 025562601
Abu Dhabi- Khalifa A area

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lema Galby

Forward the Video until it's 2:35

StilettosAddict << a reminder of your sweet memories

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Shangri-La Abu Dhabi Offer

"Two for One Lunch Extravaganza in Sofra bld!

Visit Sofra bld for lunch from now until 30th September and enjoy a sumptuous lunch buffet with a variety of international dishes at a fantastic rate!

Dine on weekdays (Sundays to Thursdays) between 12pm and 2pm and instead of the per person price of Dhs138nett, enjoy this rate for two people!

For reservations, call 02 509 8888 or our Restaurant Reservations Desk on 02 509 8555 "

^ I got this by E-mail. Thought some might be interested. If you wonder where all the ADian's dine or lunch these days! Yes it's Shangri-La - Between the two bridges- Area. I just love to go there, it makes me feel good about my city that hey Emarati people still exist :P


For those who missed out the previous episodes of Noor & won't mind watching it on their computer screens then check out this website. Enjoy Noor From Episode One until now:

Friday, August 22, 2008


I have this weird habit of googling the best stuff in life. The curious me & of course boredom takes the blame, Didi my friend would support me on this since she witnessed my all-nighters just looking for the best burger in America or the Best pizza in Italy, Lame Hah! Not to mention the best hotels in Bali & NYC. This has nothing to do with "the secret" But I have this belief that eventually I will attract these things into my life & I will get to try them one day. I have this strong feeling that all the things I want will come true. Okay not all of them especially that some of them are pretty ridiculous. *Hint* Being a friend with Jennifer Aniston :P

But anyway, I've always thought that all people are born lucky. It's just that they make the wrong choices which leave them depressed & unhappy. I thank god for the power of "Know", knowing what you want, Knowing who's good for you & who's gonna turn you life up-side down. I hope the choices I'm making this time are good for me & enshallah the outcome comes as great as I'm imaging.

Yesterday I had two green tea orders at two different places, just to decide which one I should stick to forever. Tall Tazo Green Tea @starbucks was a joy in a cup so yum & relaaaxin. While Costa shot me with a headache the moment I took a sip. Totally not recommended :S

& what a nice closure for the night with a sushi take out eaten in the car while the traffic signal is red.

edited: For the respect of the upcoming holy month, I removed the I-pod player :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Like any other day

Random pix from my weekdays. I'm supporting the purple nail polish yeeey :D yet it feels not quite me, so I'm going tomorrow for a pampering day with a signature bloody red tips & toes.

By the way! aren't we all looking forward for the greatest month of the year "Ramadan" . It always remind me that el denia ba3adha eb 5air. So mabrook 3alaikm el shahar o may god give us the strength & well to be the better us.

Hopefully, I wish my plans gets on action after Ramadan. traveling somewhere around, our usual Fujairah snorkling trip & for god sakes START working :P


Quick-ies :

Shwai5: Alf 7amdellah 3al salama. AD feels great with u around.
Phenomenal Zabiii: May god guide every step we take. U deserve it my tidy bear & hey that calls for a Cupcakes day.
Salama: waiting for Yewww Queen S!!
3houd: na3eeemaan. a7s one day I will publish a quirky poem book klllh mnch LOL

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Can't Wait

From the master mind behind the most romantic Book-turned- into-a-movie The Note Book. Comes Nights in Rodanthe By Nicholas Sparks. Hopefully, a favorite for Romantic movies' Fans. Being a Nicholas Sparks Books' Junkie , this is the B e s t I have ever read. Although that was several years ago, I pretty much forgot what's the story was about :P but I still remember how amazing it was <3 aaah it's like a dream come trueee.

It's scheduled to arrive in October :D

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Take me to Boston now!

picture credit: flour arrangements blog

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


My second cousin fa6oum who is only 5 is spending some time at our house. I came back home to see her & my sis having a plastic-pool-fiesta. Along with their super tiny beach chairs and umbrella. I couldn't fit on the chair so I sat on the floor reading my newly purchased book *Susu thnx for the recommendation XOXO* & enjoying my starbucks Mexican salad. Ever since fa6om is here, I'm sleep deprived *Hint* sleeping with the lights on :S Yesterday we slept while watching Bambi.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Take a break

It's my new happy mood Booster. If only they make it in the original slim bars.

Phenomenal Zabi, you haaave to try it, , reminded me of Reese's peanut butter cups <3

Sunday, August 3, 2008


I'm BaaaaaCk from my 4 days getaway in Dubai:

- Beach walks with Lady Danger pout & my favorite Disney world hoodie

- Turkey & Cheese Panini's breakfast

- Wild wadiiiiii & cruising Jumairah Road back & forth aimlessly w/ the best cousins ever

-McNuggets @2 in the morning

- All nighters just to catch up Noor show re-run

- A tour around the neighborhood in a golf cart allaaayy <3

-The yummiest crave-filling-ly Jumbo Tempura Maki

- The cuuuutest second cousins on the whole world. Here's 7amdan imitating my LD pout XD

Trip lowlight:

Going to MOE on Saturday night with Fleet of Kids & nannies. *cough* B O R I N G

Saks only for guys! am So jealous