Tuesday, November 30, 2010

He asked.... she said I Do

He blew the bath foam with his mouth, it felt like little snow balls flying all over me. I lost myself looking at everything just to take a mental note in my head.  Of this place, those people, their food and the warm hand guiding me through this place.

I'm taking huge faith on this. Knowing that "this" means Marriage :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I walked down the carpet laid aisle with my aunt "K", I would say she is my favorite, but when you have 9 of them. You fail to choose one over the other.

I hold my red indian inspired dress with bahraini twist close to me. I unusually feel shy today!
I look down at my neck and I see huge gold necklaces passed on to me from my granny.  I feel so special knowing that no one but Baba Ali made those necklaces.  Yes, my grandpa was "9aye'3" i.e worked in the gold industry.  I remind myself to smile and continue walking down the aisle. Everything feels special to me this evening.

Ah wait today is a new day! I want to re live yesterday all over again.  Please let me.

When am asked about my perfect party set up, an outdoor lush green area would instantly pop into my mind.  A string of yellow light bulbs hung on the trees and a breeze of cold wind playing with our hair.  Not to mention a group of my beloved guests with great food and music.  Easy to make? Of course. This is what I got exactly.

I'll always remember yesterday,  an evening when 2:00 am in the morning totally felt like "Taw el nas". 

I sat among my family celebrating them into my life.  El7amdellah.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Reflection of Reality

I slept for what seemed like a year.

I had a dream. A movie like dream.  It was about a group of friends, somewhere spending their time in a ski resort. I felt chilled in the dream-slash-movie.  I can't remember the details except for the sad ending.  One of the friends fell off a cliff and died.

Everything in the dream ran in slow motion, I lived every moment of it. I didn't feel related to the series of accidents. Just one of those random dreams you have because you dragged yourself in your sleep. That's what I thought at the beginning. 

When my eye lids started twitching me to wake up, I saw a beautiful scene.  The remaining group of friends sat in the round table, with candles all over them, laughing and eating dinner in the dim lights.  That was the last thing I remember.  Something like those Japanese drama movies. 

Later on the day, I heard the death news of an 18 years old extended family member.  He was on his way coming from Omrah. *Allah yer7amah* 

The day passed so slowly, I dressed up and headed to my uncle's house where they were reading versus of Quran followed by dinner for the family. 

To my surprise, the table had candles all over, it took me back to that dream.  My day resembled that dream to a very freaky way.  

It reminded me that no matter how shocking the news are, with the love and support of family, a smile can be drown over your face even if you literally feel your heart darkening out of sadness. 

I feel the numbness all over me. 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Silver Lining

يوماً ما سـ أكون كما أحلم أن أكون ..
يوماً ما ستلاحقني أمنياتي تتشاجر مع بعضها أيها ستتحقق أمامي قبل الأخرى !
يوماً ما ستكون برفقتي جميع الأشياء الجميلة التي أحبها تُطربني بـ أهازيج الفرح وتتراقص حولي !

هو يوماً ما ..
سيأتي قريباً أم بعيداً ، طويلاً أم قصيراً ، لا أعلم !

لكنه سـيأتي بإذن لله !

For those who are with me in my daily life, they would instantly remember a line I always say when there is a wish for something to happen: 3and Allah mb b3eed. To me, it's a very powerful statement, it sums up whatever thoughts I have in my mind. If it's written in your life journal that you will have this or that, it will happen. Now, tomorrow or years from now. And in contrary, if its not ever meant to happen, then it won't happen. Shed few tears, dwell over it, but hey it sure happened for a reason that you might not realize straight away, but days and months and years will show that you were lucky for not getting it. Few years back, me and my best friend had the same wish. We always said, if it happens; we will be complete. It never happened. I sat across her in the coffee shop days ago. We looked at each other, so here we are! did we lose anything for not getting what we wished for? No! Actually we are happier than we had ever been.

It amazed me how years passed and how our life took its rule over us. What was hidden for us, worth the wait, and will be worth everything Insha'Allah.

Everything happens for the "best" reasons.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back To Life

I never thought I'd be able to check one of the places which shaped my skills, interests, friendships for so long. Thankfully, Flickr is no longer banned in the UAE.
Mabrook photography fans. Here's to a time spent looking at the beautiful, colorful and happy side of life.

Your Life Values

What are yours?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love You All

Enjoying hearty breakfasts, jogging on the treadmill next to you, telling you at your worst that you are the most beautiful person they have seen.
Not to mention, spending 2 hours on the phone putting back senses into your mind when you almost want to give up. Not realizing you had already slept off in the mid of the call; that is what I call the definition of true friends.
Friends are those who put your happiness before theirs, and who consider your success a reason of pride and joy for them.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Perfection is a Myth

A missing tile here, a broken bulb over there, and a wrecked heart sitting in an abandoned armchair, counting the moments they wished they could go back in time and change whatever happened.
I think the word “Perfect” was invented to make us feel bad. Nothing really resembles the word perfect. Isn’t it a fact?
On the meantime, we try to live with the mere perfections we were blessed with. The good health, the greatest company and the hearts of those who love us and care about us genuinely are what should keep us going.
We all have flaws. You & me, we do things and give ourselves the excuse to do so, shouldn’t we allow others to make mistakes and allow our heart and mind to forgive and forget?
Shouldn’t we be clearer that we are just like everyone else, not perfect, just Human.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Positivity Counts

For something apparently.

I’ve been riding this boat since 14th of March, 23 years ago.

When I was a kid, I never paid attention to where that boat was heading. Mom & dad took care of that. They shielded me from everything! The only thing I used to see is the sun rays and the beautiful big fishes in the sea. My brothers and I used to play all the time. The top of our worries was why we have to sleep so early and leave that fun behind. When the sun was eaten by the sea, Mama tucked us in bed while telling us the story of the sheep whom their mama asked them never to open the door for strangers. We closed our eyes drowning in the ocean of our dreams. Only the smell of mama’s peanut butter sandwiches woke us up, or as she used to call them “Banat Beter”

As we grew up, our personalities and leadership started forming up, we no longer wanted our parents to take us everywhere, at times; we actually wished to sail the opposite way. We accused our parents that they don’t understand us. We always wanted “our” way. Until the day came where we took the wheel and decided to sail our own boat.

What a big mistake.

Little did we know, the sea has waves, sharks, and it becomes dark and scary at night. Where was I all that years! How come I didn’t see all this.

I hit rock bottom and I pick myself up. I hold on to my life with my brothers, and my friends.

Throughout the years, the boat became too heavy with the stuff we stored and the guests that came to sail with us.

It was so easy for us to just throw everything in the sea, and forget about. If we disliked anything, we thought it will be forgotten forever.

Again, little did we know, in a very cold night where the winds are way stronger than our little boat tolerance point, us and the boat are pulled down to the bottom of the sea. The place where once we threw everything forgotten. No wonder in hard times, the only thing we remember is our past.

As the journey continued going forward, we learned that for every wave, there is another one to pull you back. For every ugly shell, there is a beautiful pearl hidden inside. And for that weary soul, there is little voice inside of you that tells you, I’m here taking this journey with you.

Dedicated to my parents and those who made me who I am today.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Last Supper

It's a wonderful feeling when you do things as if it will be the last time. You put so much thoughts and passions into it, that anything so simple becomes a big deal for you.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ramadan Rituals

I love how unconventional is our ramadan sefra.

My usual duty during the holy month is making salad and lots of salad every day.

This year I shifted my focus in learning the deal of baking lol. I always considered my self a failed dessert maker, that is because I don't have a sweet tooth.

However, I made a huge success in making sticky date cake twice and a coffee/toffee cake. I'm so proud of the outcome. A slice of my cakes are now a hit especially when we gather around the TV, sipping green tea with fresh mint leaves.

Today, I'm spending literally "30" hours with my granny in KSA before I come back home. Words can't describe the amount of love and happiness I feel right now "al 7amdella" seeing my family, my love, all in good health.

Yesterday my aunt whom I consider my life mentor offered to take me for a lecture where phrases from Quran were translated. Luckily, moses story was the focus of the lecture. I was choking in my own tears the whole time. Especially the part in soorat Taha where Allah was asking Mosa to "Listen". The lecturer was talking about how the art of listening really is.

The moral behind the story is that we always keep our mind processing when we are in the middle of a conversation! We tend to bring all our life concerns, fears, future imaginations into our mind at that particular moment. That blocks our ability to listen to something of a real value.

In order to live a meaningful life, we need to learn how to concentrate, how to think before we speak.

Thank you auntie Amal for the wake up call *hugs* it came in the perfect timing.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Time Traveler

Sunday August 3rd:

I woke up feeling extremely different. It felt like I was back in time when I used to be a student. Or the time right after graduation, or the time me and those involved in my daily life were in good terms.

I didn’t know how I could describe the feeling but I surely loved it. I went back to loving photography and reading blogs, to calling my friends and remembering old incidents that back then were hilariously funny. To feeling lucky having you in my life. The list go on and on but I felt reconnected to my core self.

Yesterday, after we all finished fu6oor (Happy Ramadan everyone!), I sat across the table from my mother, I asked her: Mama ma t7seen we’re back like old days?

Her face gradually formed a smile that secretly said: How did you know! Then she murmured to herself: el7amdellah.

I really don’t know what that was! But I felt my soul had abandoned me for while, leaving me dealing with my own life struggling between so many things.

I’m so happy now.

Today’s morning, out of the blue my colleague told me: Layla, yesterday the whole world was looking for you. Glad you are back.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ya M6awel el '3aibat?

Where have my days taken me?

Juggling between our families, friends, work and everything in that little circle called “Life”

Things taken for granted can really stay granted when we put so much faith into it. I truly believe in fate, but one of my friends taught me to think positively that Allah will always bring good things into our life, because we look at our life that way.

I spent a weekend with two of my favorite cousins away from home. I can still feel my stomach muscles from all the laughter. All and all, it will be a memory that is hard to be forgotten. Note to myself, need to detoxify my body after all the junk we have eaten. Think, Red Velvets for breakfast! Worth it.

Rewinding furthermore, the big breakfast at Mzmz House was a delightful memory. God it seems like it’s been forever, knowing how much things happened in between.

And above all that, bonding even stronger with my loved ones is something I’m starting to cherish every single day. And that’s where my heart is right now.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I <3 You Life

Jasmine infused tea, Bob Marley singing "Could You Be Loved", fresh toasted mozzarella paninis and browsing through inspirational pictures after a long day at work. Ah couldn't ask for better atmosphere. Mmm no re thinking about it, a window overlooking the beach wouldn't have done any harm lol.

Friday, May 14, 2010


I threw those Reeses mini peanut butter cups into my mouth without thinking.

I lost counting, all I know the family pack is half empty now.

Two weeks had passed since my brother's lovely wedding, and my little family is growing with dear additions. The week after, I was among those rewarded for their contributions to my University when we were students.  It was so beautiful to see the girls, all grown up and independent career wise and family wise.

I knew 2010 where the year of changes.  Little did I know, those changes will be that big.

Monday, May 3, 2010

What a Wonderfull World

It was almost 9:00 PM.

I started the engine, wore my glasses (yes I haven't noticed how much my eye sight have decreased lately). The ride back from my uncle's house was smooth.  "Enshodat Al Ma6ar" playing in the background.

As soon as Abdu enchated "ba3ad '3adden ta3ood, la boda an ta3ood"
I signled to my lil sis at the back to keep it shshsh. I wanted to enjoy every second of it. I only wished I stole that mug of tea infused with Iranian saffron from my uncle's. It wouldn've been the perfect companion with this mood.

I whispered: "Baba esma3 sho egool abdu, sho tefham mn el words?"

He studied the words for a bit, then said: "He's comparing his saddness, to a baby who lost his mom, and people are lieing to him saying she will come back!"

I admired his quick answer so much that it hurt me how little time we get to spend everyday. Being that everyone is busy with his own life. 

However, these few mintues spent with him, will always be so dear to me.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Genuine Thank You

Moments passed after I posted the previous title.

 My phone started ringing.

I was at my desk, still working.

An angel called me. My tears chocked me, I couldn't be the bubbly me as usual.  I needed her right now.

"I need to see you Mzmz"

I shut down my laptop, turned off my desk lamp, folded my presentation papers into my bag and left.

As much as we need our friends in these weird times.  It feels so much better when they remind you no matter how much they could listen and take things in.  Allah is whom I should turn to, to soothe my soul.

Thank you for the advice and for the cutest Omrah gift.  The timing couldn't be better.

Thanks to you all. Love you 


He looked at me. A smirk over his face. He's following me everywhere I go.

"What do you want?"

I scream in my heart, I let out a sigh.  I need to get out of this dream.

Who are you anyway? I can't figure out the features, it's just that he creeps me out.

They say, dreams could somehow be a reflection of our sub-conscious.  

What are you trying to tell me?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

What's bigger than Huge? "THIS"

Our life is very short, and very simple.

It was a long stressful day at the office.  As we were about to leave, she asked her office mate and dear friend to soothe out the knots of the tired muscles in her neck. I remember her weary eyes and her voice that made me sense a huge lump in her heart.  While her friend was gently massaging her neck,  she asked her: "do you ever wish you could die now?"

I noticed how her friend slowed her touches and took a deep sigh.  "We live in a bubble" 

We got used to having all the necessities of life in a way that it never occurred to us, people actually die in their hope to find these things.  Things like: food, shelter, feel of security and warmth.

If "we" the people who have everything, choose to give up on life for the smallest problem we have.  How many times do those lacking life necessities think of death?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Forget about chocolate and midnight cravings. In the long run, what satisfies you the most in your life? Is it:
  • Your family? The big Fridays lunch
  • Your circle of friends? Where each of them has her own personality, her own joy of heart
  • Your health? The ability to run continiously for an hour and let these happy hormones pump up
  • Your work?  Being recognized among others for your achievments
  • Your faith? Knowing how to thank god for the countless blessings
It's an eye-opener for a second.  If I can build a structure and put each of the above as a foundation to each corner of that structure, I believe I'll be able to create a house of undescribable happiness and satifaction.

But, what if one of them breaks?

An alternative is always available, I had these days when things got rough at work, I always told myself, it's al'right, I'm going back to see my family. Or when neither of that was going well, I had my friends, who never miss a chance to cheer their LuLu up :)

Find you inner satisfaction and build on it. It will never let you down.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Day I Gave My First Speech

"Layla, WAKE UP, we have to be at the marina port by 11 am"

My friend's screams made my heart jump.

I squeezed my eyes to look at the room clock, its 10 am. My God!

Rushing to get ready and leaving the house in 15 minutes was a breaking record for me. Also, making sure I eat my usual breakfast “A Banana". I'm a strong believer in the whole good mood effect stuffed in bananas.

Me & Phenomenal Z, who is a dear bestie and workmate as well, were chosen to give a small speech to a group of young girls, telling them about our experience working in the private sector.

It was a great opportunity for us to teach those girls what to expect when they leave the carefree life and join the stricter "time management" labeled environment.

Back in the port, we waited for an hour for the water taxi to reach. The weather was unusually windy; I could see the waves hitting the boats so hard and splashing back to the sea. I whispered to my friend:
"Tara I don't know how to swim"

"It's okay, I'll save you, just don't pull me back to the water, relax and I'll hold you" She replied calmly.

The water taxi dude made us wear colorful life jackets and he started the engine. 20 minutes ride in the sea of my beloved city was a pleasure of its own. I'm not a sea person when it comes to actually being in the middle of it. I just enjoy the other senses, let me dip my legs, touch the sand, hear the sound of the waves and that's it.

Those 20 minutes passed so fast as we reached Al Futaisy Island!

The young girls were having a leadership camp for three days. We proceeded to the cafeteria where they were having lunch. A bus comes to take us from the cafeteria to where we will give the speech.

An Airy room with theater style chairs lined up. Girls were supposed to be there, but half an hour passed and the 30 girls were coming one by one. How frustrating, yet funny! I was in their shoes a year and a half ago. God how much I changed.

Two girls were sitting in the corner of the room, they seemed like good friends. Communicating softly about their work plans, how much they like to do volunteer work and the fact they are looking forward to our speech.

I wouldn't want to bore you with the details of the speech, other than it went really great. We saw a response from those stubborn girls. We tried to feed them the fact that "you have to love what you do, in order to succeed", all what they were thinking “how can you sit in an office for 9 hours"

As we were about to leave, I approached the two girls in the corner and wished them good luck in their life. I left with a tear that was about to fall, but I held it so hard.

It's fascinating how much hardship of life makes up a person. The two girls lived all their life in an orphanage house, they never saw their parents. One of them was on a wheelchair. She looked so perfect, so complete to me more than any of the 30 girls filling the classroom nudging each other and joking around.

I went there to teach them about myself, not knowing how much I needed to learn from them.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Love It

New sort of addictive purchases have kicked in. Sweet everlasting scents that embraces the place with happy notes of Vanilla.
Makes me dreamy all the time.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Going back to my senses.
Happy Relaxing Saturday everyone.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Moments

2 days before the actual birthday.
Living every second of it with a big smile and a loving heart.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mend That Heart

I gazed outside the car window admiring the beautiful weather today. My imagination started drawing vertical and horizontal lines.  The more I closed my eyes and wandered into those lines, they formed something like:

A triangle on top of a square.

A square with two little squares inside and another rectangular in between.

On top of the triangle, a bit to the right, there is a Chimney!

Yes, that’s a house, the oldest and most common picture we learned to draw. Ever since we learned how to hold crayons in our tiny hands, we are born to know, one day, some day; we will have a home of our own. With everything that comes along with it.

A loving family

A pet

A vase full of white lilies

An oven that hides a “burnt” cake inside

But hey, a warm smile that welcomes everyone to our world

If fairytales mean living happily ever after, then be it. I want that

And no matter how simple our imaginations draw that happy life, we should always be ready to draw the dark cloud of top of that house.

I woke up from that moment of day dreaming and realized, I saw that silver lining already.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Planning To Make Someone's Wishes Come True

Monica Galler! you taught us how to become cute planning freaks.

I'm opening the first page of my fuschia planner and scribbling down:

"23rd of February, I have faith in you"


It's the deep, mad, insane love that takes you in a storm of expressions. It leaves you expressionless at times, if there is such a word. Nothing is enough, everything is adequate. You need to give more and say more and do more. Hoping that it reflects just an ounce of whatever you feel in your heart.

Officially drowning.

There is no better love, that loving your dear ones unconditionally.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


The hardest word I could say
The most hurtful situation I could encounter

We said goodbye to so many people in our life.  Those who we chose to leave in their own path, and those who left us without any notice.  Physically and emotionally, a shadow of emptiness darkens our days.

Saying goodbye to places we once had the best memories will do just the same.

Leave your pride aside, tell those who you love, I love You.

Tell them life without their smile; our soul is not worth living.

- Dedicated to Nawal.  Allah yer7amch
You left a legacy behind you. 
Your stories, your life is a school of it's own.               
I never met you, but you sure changed my core. 

Abu Dhabi Through "My" Eyes

It is the closest feeling to a bride in her big wedding day.  A day I was recognized in the well-known "Abu Dhabi Through Your Eyes 2009 - 2010" photography competition.  My flamingos were chosen as one of the highlighted contributions among 4000 pictures.

My friends, my family, my work mates, my dentist, everyone I could recall praised me.  The feeling was indescribable.

Appreciation is the secret behind devotion.  

p.s Thank you for being there, yes You!

My Cabbage Salad, My Cubicle & I

It was a Ghost town of its own.

Three floors of dimmed lighted little cubicles. No one was there except for the Fake-Smile security guy at the reception.

I was there, facing my laptop, completely transformed in my outlook email; I lost track of time and my Social life.

However, it never occurred to me, after working a shift of 14 hours, that I was Okay with it. Deep down in my heart, I felt I was doing the right thing. And that's when I realized the ultimate fact:

I love what I do. El7amdule'Allah 

Monday, February 8, 2010

In a Beautiful Day

What's better thing to do, in the middle of the day, than enjoying a hot dog at the beach with one of my favorite friend's.

To always creating "that" kind of memories.

Happy Birthday MzMz. I love you to an infinite extent.

Friday, February 5, 2010

عسى وقتك يوافق

Few weeks ago, I was sad over the fact that whatever replaced my older habits now; is making me feel bored and serious at times.  I felt like I wanted to do everything I used to do back in university and the years before. 

The equation was so simple: watch friends in the mornings, have your short skinny lattes and go to Marina Mall in the afternoon.  And oh, not to forget, listening to my Abdulkareem and Abdu oldies. 

Today, I decided to ditch my already-ditched finance books, and go out with mama and lil sis.  I was in the mood for extreme relaxation.  Think tod's loafers, leggings and my flowing abaya. We hit marina mall.  
In every corner, I reminded mom of the times when she used to take me out of school and have lunch in IKEA.  I felt like I went to marina mall with my school uniform more than the times I dressed up. 

The weather also, was out of this world.  It compensated for the sand storm that happened yesterday. 

Again, my guts proved that 2010 is MY year!  El7amdle'Allah 

Friday, January 29, 2010

I Can See Your Halo

When it is remotely easy to make it happen. It becomes a challenge in my mind. A Sweet one :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Dreamed You Into my Life

Perfect people are creation of our mind set.  We don't "ironically" know that our second halves are literally standing right in front of our faces.  With all their flows, their bad days, their everything our mind is telling us is wrong; Yes admit it, they are perfect for us.

How selfishly blinded are we?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

لمحت سهيل

We all sat around the bon fire.  Attempting to scare each other with our "made-up" ghost stories.  I opened my marshamello pack, stuffed the wooden stick and started rolling it in the fire.  I could hear the sizzling sound of the outer skin getting burnt and turning crispy brown.  I took one bite, second and third, re stuffed my stick and did it all over again.

It's nice when you have the chance to get your mind off the same work, people, food and topics and head somewhere far far away.

I came back to my normal senses, *me* the extrovert that I'm.  I laughed, I hurt myself, I jumped, I ran and ran and ran.   I looked back in the mid of the run, stopped,  took a deep breath and thought to myself: I'm alive.  Most of all, I relived one of the best moments I had same time two years ago.  Although the place had changed, but our spirits were still as young as ever.

Keep surprising me.

Monday, January 4, 2010


I closed my eyes, thinking tomorrow will be a great day.  Little did I know, the day will pass as flawless as a sweet dream.

I loved every second of it, every glimpse of it, every stolen smile of it.  I wish that everyday was like "that" day.

I loved you even before I meet you 2010 :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010


On a "full moon" night.  A night that brightened our evening with no need for you Mr. Thomas Edison.  My brother & I threw a blanket in the backyard and watched the stars.  Ah the cold winds, very unusual, I put on my new TopShop hoodie and left out a chilled sigh.  We talked.


Life is such a yoyo,  we face so many difficulties, hatred and hurt.  We go to the bottom of problems.  But suddenly we start to pick up and resolve everything bothering us.

Finally, we're back to ourselves.  Hopefully, stronger & happier.  Just like a Yoyo in the hands of a small child.  Goes down and down that he finds it hard to balance, he either gives up and throw it away or Try again. Once it returns back to his tiny hands,  the smile on his face is victorious.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Along Came "You"

It feels like you are living some else's life.  You have lived through all their moments, their laughters and joy, their midnight breakdowns and their feeling of loneliness.  The long way to be happy;  thanks to you is one step away.

Dedicated from you, to those who made a change in your life.  A mother, a father, a friend, a co-worker or a random person who smiled back at you between the supermarket aisles.

And Another Year Comes Along

And another page is folded in our life book.  With all the happy and sad moments we encountered, we've moved on.  Yesterday I slept with the tv on, the lights on, my makeup on (I know I know I attempted a beauty crime), it was still 10:30 but I wasn't sure what to do in new years eve.

But today is different.  Micheal Buble is enchanting in the back of my head "I wanna go home", had cereal with my lil sis, danced a la fancy workout and read the newspaper.  I feel refreshed.

My most important 2010 resolution to spend more time with my family & Besties.  I admit, I wasn't as active in the loop as I used to be.  And due to my finance course in the first half of this year,  I know it will get worse, but promise I'll make it up to them (especially you p.y.t)

Finally, let's make the most out of this year,  and remember no matter what happens:
"If you stumble, make it part of your dance"