Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Children in Us

Have you ever thought why Children are happier than us? are more innocent and carefree than us?

Look closely, it is because they have the children mindset, the non-judgmental mind that doesn’t think of the differences between the child and his friend in the school bus, the friend who sits right next to him in the class, or the boy chasing him on the playground.
The more we grow up, the more we complicate our life but putting labels on everything. We start noticing the different races, religions, lifestyle of others. And we are always thinking that we are blessed with the best qualities among others.

Who decided that? Who said certain skin tone is better than the other ?  And who said this is better than that? No one!!

We made up judgments and started to live according to them.Or else, no one in the world decided that. Unless someone thinks animals and plants are talking creatures, well that’s another story.

I just realized how people are so filthily drowned into their own labels. Dashing over others and stepping on their humanbeing.

Why can’t we have the children’s mindset? The mind that processes one fact:

"I like this person". Period.