Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Be the change

"You must be the change you want to see in the world" Mahatma Gandhi

This picture was taken Today, a year ago!

October is the Breast Cancer awareness month. We as females, should be really conscious about this issue. It has been affecting so many woman in our society. Awareness is the key to prevent it from spreading among us. I have known so many people who lost a dear one because of breast cancer. it's just so sad! & it's even Sadder when you know that 90% of those cases could have been cured if it was diagnosed on the earlier stages.

That's why, since we are on the active age, we like to go around, experience things. We should use our potentials on something other than shopping, we should do something to help our humankind.

Don't say that there is nothing we could do! I'll tell you what!
Last year, me & my friends took the initiative to do something on the smaller scope. So we had a donation campaign ran at our campus. We:

- Sold pink & white ballons,
- Sugarbox cupcakes, also Little B & her cousin's cupcakes
- Pink T-shirts
- evething you could think of being Pink Pink Pink
- Drumming session that engaged the whole university

All proceeding donations went to the nearby hospital who offer women the needed treatment. I can't begin to express how great I felt after that day. I felt that my existence is precious! Like I could do more, I could give more. And I'm sure, Once I leave this life, people won't remember how stylish I was, or how my skin looked like, they will remember our good well & spirit to help those less less fortunate. True, organizing the whole thing was so tiring, I was out with my friend joody for almost 10-15 hours buying & bargining stuff from the most hidden places on the city. But it was worth it at the end!

This year, Since I'm kinda adjusting myself to the new changes in my life, I couldn't manage to do it, yet I'm positive it's only the begning for even bigger & bigger achievments.

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