Saturday, October 25, 2008


So me & my bro decided to be spontaneous & do something different this weekend. I kept thinking well I might just book me a nice relaxing day at the spa. Not until my bro called me & said: yalla pack, we're going to Kuwait on the weekend & cousin Ahmad is joining us too.

Huurrraaay! The last time I've been to Kuwait, I was only 6 years old, Gosh mn zemaan!! so I was soo excited, Packed super lightly & prepared myself emotionally not to be sad if this plan doesn't work out. But with the power of I WANT!! it happend.

Now I just got back like an hour ago, but I left my heart in Kuwait :P It was such a joyful, delightful, just AMAZING trip.


- The unexpected welcome from my Kuwaity cousins at the airport, Oh my god, they showered me with flowers & candies infront of all the crowds. lots of hugs & tears. it's like being separated from your twin for 20 years LOL kinda.

- Out n About everywhere. Chili'es @12 a.m which I have to say should send all our Chili's to SHUT DOWN & declare failure. My god mashallah mashallah 3ainy 3alaihm bardh. Even when it was packed like I have never seen before, the service was exceptional, the food was ahmaaaazing! seriously So NOT like our lame chili's. Acually when my cousins first told me we're going there, I hesitated saying yes. But thank god I did :)

- Maki Japanese restaurant a la shwai5. Go Unagi & tempura maki ;)

- Sea cruise from Souq Sharq at sunset & the breezy weather. LOVED IT.

- Sultan centre & bread shopping for my mom :P

- The heart to heart with Marayem my cousin. I am born 25 days before marayem. That makes her & my cousin Z the oldest friends I have. During this year, me & marayem had the exact same drama happening in our life but neither of us realized that each drama repeated itself for both of us. it was actually very frightening, whenever I say something, she opens her eyes wide open & say: IT HAPPENED TO ME TOO. Sub7an Allah

- My aunts husband who is a photography genius. He has his own studio & editing room in the house. I felt like I know nothing about photography, but he taught me so many useful tips.

lol I'm overwhelmed, I'll leave you with the pix now. Enjoy

Waiting for our flight


Bro chatting with the pilot

Abraj el Kuwait


Kakaw bo Njoom :P

The Avenues Mall

So spacious, yshra7 el 9adrrr

KK all the way

Maki Japanese Restaurant

EDITED: that's NOT Souq el Manaa5 :P I'm sure all musalsalat Junkie heard this word like million times

Away from Souq Sharq

Flying back to the UAE =(


BeBe said...

glad you've been to all the cool malls but have u been to marina mall? it's nice u should go their on ur next visit n what airline did u fly on?

Little B said...

Luqman n i should've joined u guys :p .. n the sushi looks yummyyyyyyyy i envy u :) n it doesn't seem like u had the expired headache 3ala golat ur dad.

AHMED said...

7amdella 3al slaama,

ksa, ba7reen, 3man and now q8. going to d07a next week ??:p

Layla said...

Bebe, ooh I haven't been to marina lel2asaf. eh enshallah next time, I really loved Kuwait. We went on Etihad airways :)

little B. Omg totallyyyy,, Luqman would've done it a7ss,, ente 5awafaaa :P

Ahmed: loool laa I went to Do7a on January, it was a transit for 4 hours fl ma6ar. Which reminds me that I visited all the GCC fe 2008

pinkie said...

7mdela 3al salama lulu.. so happy 2 hear u had a faaaaaab-ulous time @ q8 :D btw luved ur photos masha'alla!

Brunette said...

awwhh glad you had fun there...7mdella 3l salamah n welcome home =)

Delly said...

hey glad uve enjoyed kuwait :)
soog ilmanakh as u mentioned is Kuwait Stock Exchange! tara soog ilmanakh is located opposite to it ... ta97ee7 ma3looma bas :)

Layla said...

Pinkie, yaay thanx 7abiiibty. I miss ya

Allah esalmch Brunette :)

delly, ooh that's what my bro just told me! thanx for the info, gonna edit it now ;) I bet my cousin directed me to the wrong building.

Meticulous said...

awwwwwww you went to kuwait??!
hehe i hope they took you crusing 3ala shari3 el 7ub :P

Sham3at Al Jillas said...

Glad you had a good time. I love it when people from UAE have fun here, intaw ma 3alaikom zod. Somehow I feel that Kuwait is considered passé :(. Can you imagine that I was born in Kuwait and haven't yet seen el abraj!

pinkest pout said...

yayy i love kuwait, its so full of life, i havent been there in years, i really want to visit it soon , glad you had fun sweetie <3

Dreamy said...

mashallah 3leech ,,, a7la shy those kind of trips which is "YALA PACK we are leaving today" cool

A Journal Entry said...

glad u had fun in kuwait =D
unplanned trips are always fun!