Monday, October 13, 2008


Let me just say, I never knew what an Induction is until I had to attend one :P thanx to my limited "Friends series" vocabulary.

Today. Or shall I say Yesterday 12th of October was my very first day at this induction thingie. Basically, it's all about getting to know my work colleagues, learning about the company, what's out benefits & responsibilities.

Let me get to the fun part rather than bore you with the details that acually left me drained by the end of the day. First, I mixed up the timing & arrived hour and half earlier than the actual timing. I would have gone to the mall to kill time, but stayed at the foyer just looking at people running here & there. It was acually a delight to find some of my former classmates joining with me, so I wasn't a looner after all & spent time catching up.

Our first task to pick a partner, get to know about his background & come in front of everyone to intruduce him. I had to sit with an Iraqi Lady who turned out very sweet & chatty just like me :$ haha. We had to come up interesting factors about ourselves. So mine was that I memorized Friends script by heart.. etc.

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