Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Enjoy it while it last

Listening to: Abdu - elwannah *endless love, endless mind wanderings*

I've been enjoying these two days, so much. Period

My Dream office. Still one year to go.

*N*'s sweet gestures, math puzzles during our long site tours, but since I suck in math, didn't get any gifts lol how dumb

Baskin, Hagen, Cold stone, WHAT? Mini melts rule

Indian Lunch today
A giant Chili flavored Chips

  • Salama: if something makes your day! then it makes mine too *hugz*
  • Yasmine: if you're reading this. You're the sweetest ever! enjoyed every bits of today & sorry for driving you crazy :P
  • Little Bully & Luqman: Couldn't ask for more hilarious colleagues than you girls. Waking up in the morning became so much fun now.


zainoba said...

I love Indian Food :-)

Nice Blog, I just came across it and Ive added u to my Blogroll. Keep up the good work

Dreamy said...

ah cool, the indian rest. looks so delicious.


Aaaah, ALDAR new H.O. . . . amazing structure.
can't wait for it to get done.

Mme.Monstre said...

i LOVE that building .. definitely not a cliche .. *-) like most of Dubai's buildings

A Journal Entry said...

never has a potato chip looked so beautiful!

Butter said...

by the way tht indian dish looks so yummy!! which restaurant?