Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Last Cheese

Typing while admiring my pampered tips & toes with essie bloody red polish. lol moving on. Just had a handful of french fries & supposedly a healthy grilled burger. Whom to fool my dearest Layla! I just want to be less guilty of all these bad choices I make. True I never ever regret anything, except when it comes to food, I slightly do.

So those who work! do you usually gain or lose weight while working! & by working I physcially mean having an office kinda job?

Oh by the way, Abu Dhabi girls, head out to the newly opened tips&toes salon, it's a really nice Salon & Spa for those looking for something similar to Sharanis Spa. Yet it's located inside the city. But still, nothing beat Sharanis my friends.

Tips & Toes Location:
AlKhaleej Al Arabi Street
right turn after the Gulf Diagnostic centre traffic signal
left, the second villa which is painted with red strips

Telephone Number:


A Journal Entry said...

unfortunately, gain weight =/
all this sitting around causes this gain =/

kytheria said...

tips and Toes manicure is nice, but isnt it the same one in Marina Mall? I think its cool having salons inside the city and between houses and not in Khalidiya street or inside a mall :s.
btw office work make me gain weight but i have to work out hard to prevent it.

Dreamy said...

thanks for sharing, am scheduling an appointment right away =D

Anonymous said...

sorry i misssed our nails rendez-vous <3 uuu