Wednesday, October 8, 2008

At Last

Listening to: Hatha ely shayef nafsa

Today was a refresher for me *yaay*
It began when my mobile started ringing Abdo's favorite song : tdalal, tedalal 3alaina ya semmei el '6abbe wish 3ad! @9 in the morning.

the screen flashed the workplace number, did a little melodic la la laaaa to sound casual & so not asleep.

Me: Hello!!

The lady : good morning Layla, would you kindly come to sign your recruitment contract?


Stormed out after waking up my parents jumping that finally it's my DAY. Since I'm still considered daddy's little girl, we went together to open up a new bank account & copy my papers. It was too cute from him & also very expected. In case some might wonder, am so dependent on my parents in these stuff *blush*

Before going to the company & signing all the papers, I had a lunch date with my Mzmz & her super cool friend. Had Sushi & chit chatted about everything over Mint Chai. I know I haven't been such a reliable friend toward Mzmz these past months. We've been planning outs & it's always me who have something else & cancels. But if you reading this Mzmz, let me tell you that You're still my Mzmz no matter what

Mzmz has such a funny nonchalant personality. She always comes up with these out of place comments , I give her the Maroco-face & we both crack up afterward.

During our time in college, we played a big influence for each other. I'm glad that mzmz taught me what real friendship is, how to look after your friends & never miss the chance to ask about them. I hope you still have the after 20 years letter I wrote you!

Mzmz you're very sweet, genuine & sensitive as it gets. Hope one day I see you married to the handsomest guy ever * a jet-setter too LOL * & with your pheabe children with their beautiful eyes @_@ just like their mom ;)

bear in mind I'm typing this post with my pink shower cap waiting for Fekkai hair mask to work on my hair :P so mind my ramblings. so anyway, after finishing my papers at the workplace. Me & little bully decided to have a saffron milk tea to soothe my nerves.

Lots of Love to Mzmz & her never ending day dreaming sessions.


Kooshi said...

Mabroooook Layla at *heart*
Hehehe me 2 i depend on my parents on some stuff, my dad always tell me to go to the bank and do stuff but I cant =S
mb is deleted *criessss* lol I feel so disconnected

Meticulous said...

i just have to say i love your photography!!
mad skills :P

Meticulous said...

i just have to say i love your photography!!
mad skills :P

Brunette said...

heyyyy mabrooooookkkk dear allah ywafgch enshallah o nshoofech manager soon

did you went to college? thought u were at ZU?

A Journal Entry said...

emwafigah dear =)

Layla said...

Koooshi. yeah omggg Nani told me she's working on it, probably it opened already or bacher. Miss yaaaa

meti. 7ayateee thanxxx (L) astans when somone praises my pixxx

Brunette: allah ybark feech yeah I was in ZU, but mafeya so I call it college or even school :P btw do I know youuu ;) ?

A Journal Entry: Tslmeeeen. mwahzzzz

Brunette said...

Yesss its me b.brunette from the MB =D