Friday, October 10, 2008

What a wonderful world

I see friends shaking hands, saying how do you do?
They're really saying: I love you ;)

This is my happy-mood song. It makes me feel like oh life is really wonderful. Back in my internship at the bank, There was this huge parking problem around the condensed area, so I had to park & walk for around 7 minutes each day *Yep I counted it*. The highlight of these daily walks was
particularly this song . I would plug in my ipod & I smile at the scenes I see everyday; Parents kissing their children before they ride the school bus, Indian restaurants frying smelly samboosa mn 9ba7 allah 5air. The Lebanese grocery guy with his extra hair gel, lining up the new newspapers in front of his store & most of all the security dudes with their big smiles welcoming me into the bank. Truthfully, listening to Louis Armstrong would always put me in a great mood.

So if you wanna look forward to your days, pick a nice calm song that takes all the negative vibe & energizes you for a new begining.

Yesterday I was told that some of my posts made people cry. 7aram, I'm really sorry for putting you in a bad mood, I don't want to depress anyone, but I really like to acknowledge the feelings I have, sadness as well as happiness & I noticed I have more to say when my mood is not okay lol.

Today was also one of the longest days I had, It began with my recruitment medical check... etc, oh you know what Let me list it in points better:

- I gained WEIGHT! as if it's not noticeable :P
- Got to meet those who will join the company with me.
- the stupid nurse couldn't find the vein in my hand, so now am left with a green bluish bruise in my arm. too bad
- I took my laundry & made my new shopping list for work. New Abayaa for god sakessss
- Starbucks chicken & rosemary sandwich = it smells like gravy :S

I gotta go finish watching SATC now, I'm exctied to start watching Grey's season 4 on DVD. I missed Seattle grace hospital. I know season 5 is out already, but I love watching it on DVD :D


A Journal Entry said...

yeah i like this song too.. i also have a song that makes me feel they same way this song makes u feel.. it's dancing in the moon light by toploader..

Ayesha عـائـشـة said...

What a song to pick!
Try to find the Celine Dion version!!! WOW

Good luck with everything LuLu ;)

Rude Lovers said...

just wanted to say a very late congratulation 3ala el new job :D 3igbaleeee enshallah

Little B said...

I had a fight with that same stupid nurse.. lool she tried to bully but she didnt know who shes messing around with hahahaha i bullied her and sara wouldnt let her touch her. It was hilarious we even asked her to leave the room when they got us another nurse.

Layla said...

yeeey thank you giiiirls (L) allah yebark feekm, I wanna search the songs you recommended :D

Little B, lool actually mine was an MALE nurse :P he couldn't find the vein soo I dunno a7een am really scared i got infection or sumthin, I don't recall people getting bruises out of needles !! unless they were drugs addicts :P