Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Love you Bahrain

Listening to: 3alli Gara *Oud* by saber al Reba'eee
Craving: Grey's Anatomy

My ways of killing time

Took off, Byebye AD

The weird eggplant thingies. LOL tasted so good though

Needed a time to rest

Me & my mom chilling after breakfast & thinking: hm so where shall we start exploring?

Firs stop! Of course :P but we already did that the day before.

Bahrain World Trade centre, also housing the high-end Moda Mall, the best brands seekers paradiseYep Laduree in Bahrain World Trade Centre too :D
Al Aalli Mall in the morning, super laid back

Lovely way to start your day, so far the best place I loved

Eating louz in our way to the farm, so tangy yumyum

Finally before taking off, skinny Latte with my Marie Claire still surviving.

Today I got back from the most fabulous days spent in the beloved kingdom of Bahrain. Me, my mom & her friends traveled to attend their other friend son's wedding.

I have always always loved Bahrain. I love the country & ah their super nice people & their accent allayyy. I wonder why people talk about how nice foreigners & neglect the awesomeness of Bahrainy people. They never ever held back to offer us help, question whether we are Saudi, Qatari, Kuwaity, LOL they never guess emarati though. And don't get me started on their traditional Sweets. Oh my am a huge fan of Mattay. It was actually my first purchase there, I couldn't wait until i get back to the hotel to munch over it, I was walking in the mall with my hand disappeared in the mattay bag :P such a delight. That's why when my mom offered me to go along with her, it took me nothing to flash a grin & run to my room packing instantly. I didn't know that I will encounter such an memorable events.

At the day of the wedding which was held at the Ritz Hotel. We stayed until morning dancing the night out :D it was super fun & exquisitely decorated. I have to say, their wedding planners deserve an applause *Claps* I love dolling up for parties, getting my hair done effortlessly sleek, makeup & mom's constant screams to stay away from the Cameras :P

My Highlight of the whole wedding day was bumping into a Saroooonh. My KG friend. Never ever did I had in mind that I will see her. 7ayateeeee we hugged for what seemed like an hour, spent the whole time filling each other about our lives, She got married, moved to Qatar & have the cuuutest lil Al Danah baby girl. Seeing Sara reminded me that no matter how life drift us apart, there must be a day, you meet those who your soul decided to lock with. Those who were one day, your everything & bang just disappeared without any notice. The last time I've seen Sara was in Grade 12 very briefly, and I never thought I would see her again because of life dramatic changes. The only downside, that I was a bit shy, you know when you don't talk to a person for such a long time, you notice that you both have different interests after a while. That's why this part of shy-ness ruined the fact that I could have clicked more.

The next day of the wedding was spent around the pool at the farm. the weather was so breezy, I put on a summer dress & stayed chit chatting with Sara & playing with her daughter who keeps flying kisses with one finger over her mouth. super duper cute.

Finally time to say goodbye. & boy I so hate goodbyes especially to people whom I fear I might not see again. Usual symptoms of my goodbyes fears are fast heart beats, being short of breathe & tears are about to fall in seconds. That's why me & my cousin in KSA decided to never say goodbye whenever it's time for me to travel, because it's just so overwhelming.

Anyway, I said goodbye to sara & I was smashed from inside. I wanted to stay, I had so much to tell her, I wanted her to know that I missed her, but guess it was too late for that. We left & went to Al A'alli Mall little did I know the biggest surprise is awaiting me there.

My mom told me to go upstairs to the food court, she's waiting for someone. I went up & while walking toward Al Oberj Restaurant, I saw someone, someone I know by heart, my steps became so slow & I kept focusing my sight on that someone because I feared that was just a mirage & my hallucination of saying goodbye to Sara took an affect on me. But omg I wasn't.

There she was, standing there, my cousin/bestie "Z", the last time I saw her was at her wedding back in March 2008. Once I realized that she is there for real, I raced my steps forgot am surrounded by people & kept running until I hugged her & my tears were all over. I believe I was crying for seeing her & saying goodbye to Sara. Z is now pregnant as I mentioned on a previous post. So the first thing I did was touch her tiny belly & wink to her " so Firas ? or what?"

Omggg I so needed that, I missed this feeling, I missed our laughs, I missed our stupid jokes that no one gets, I missed the way our aunts looked at us every time we were together thinking: when will they ever grow up & stop laughing over anything. Sadly, after the time I graduated I felt that I became so not the usual me, I became very boring, very hard to please & entertain. I even don't find any "real" thing to laugh about. That's why I needed to get away from the fact that my life become so dull & boring. I needed a time with my extended family. A time that reminded me of Ol'days :D

Hoping that it will always be like that.

I'm back now, feeling so refreshed physically & emotionally. Thank god alfffff for everything. I thank god for reuniting me with two very dear people in my life. I hope I was that good person to deserve this. & enshallah I always be like that.

Quickies: found the perfect
H&M High waisted pants featured in my Marie Clarie that am so in love with right now.


kytheria said...

very cute post, i love bahrain too. btw i know that Moda Mall is in the sheraton, right? and i didnt know that they will open Laduree there too!! that's a real surprise!

A Journal Entry said...

oh i really wanna shop fe moda mall!

oo laduree?! omg i have got to go there!!

i love meeting ppl that i care about and haven't seen in a while.. it's always fun exchanging news!

Dreamy said...

"allaaaay" 3la goolthm ...

the snaps looks fab, glad you had fun ..

Layla said...

Kyth, this Moda Mall is brand new tabe3 7ag BWTC but it's in the same area with the Sheraton complex :D 7ata still not all the btq's opened yet. I have to go couple of months later to enjoy it 3adel ;)

A journal entry. I totally agreee, especially when you don't have the least idea that you gonna meet them. Btw I wanna go to Kuwait next (L)

Dreamy. lol that's my word too, el7amdellah I had so much fun, Thaaanxx 7abibtyyy

Mme.Monstre said...

i never been to Bahrain , or KSA or Qatar or Kuwait .. i reaaaally wanna goo .. !!!... oo i really feel the same way lately " very boring hard to please " .. i really want this to go i hate it !! .. :'( .. how come they have Laduree and we dont i mean ft7aw everyhting possible in Dubai why not Laduree .. i need !

kytheria said...

oh i'vw been just told that the old sheraton's mall has be changed to WTC! i didnt know that..but the place is amazing. even al ali mall with its new extension.

Lono said...

hope u had a good time next time try to visit kuwait

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

love ur post! where is this hotel u stayed at? it looks really cozy

Anonymous said...

Reading the blog made me soo happy and proud of all Bahrainis, we say the exact same thing about Emaratis too. and you accentt ahh <3

M ;* (Ba7rayniya)