Saturday, October 4, 2008

How I spent my Eid days

Part of the classic treats.

The Next Day:

my bro, my cousin & I decided to go to Dubai just the three of us. Wanasa the eating part but shopping with guys is soooo not recommended!

Burj Dubai standing mightily in front of the sun.

@Yo! Sushi

Ate a total of 9 sushi's, I wasn't full yet. Super delish

Chilling after a snacks shopping at Marks & Spenser cafe

@ Cafe Blanc for my Lebanese treat of Kebbeh Dipped in Hummus, Life couldn't get any better

Finished with the Yummiest Chilled Sahlab. Shwai5 I promise you with one ;)

The Next Day:

Our trip to Oman

Getting our ID's stamped before we enter the Omani boarders.

The Yummiest Ma3moool bl tamer, made by my dad's relative

Converted Already:P

The Hilal. Oh I miss Ramadan Already :(

A place that I assume used to be for guards. Since it's way up on the hill overlooking the tiny city down, you can notice the lights at the end, coming from the houses. So so beauuutiful, I left the picture unedited.


Rushed back to AD. Met my Bestie S* & had a wonderful time having an early birthday dinner. Susu I wish you everything, every bit of happiness, hyper-ness, joyful-ness, accomplishment, glory, satisfaction, every nice word that comes into your mind, I wish it for you. Your are the person I wish to hang out with every single Minute. Because you simply make me laugh my heart out, you make me realize no matter how often we dwell over life's materialistic things, it's the love & support that keep us going & grows this fondness to live longer around the people whom we are the most sincere with. I couldn't ask for a better friend :)
love you always & forver!


A.Haji said...

Hey lulu...i love your blog soooooooooooooooooooo much...plzzz keep it updated and good luck...BTW i love the way your write it makes me interested to read more from your blog

Your cousin A.Haji

Dreamy said...

yay sounds like someone have enjoyed their Eid Holiday :D

Dreamy said...

yay sounds like someone have enjoyed their Eid Holiday :D

A Journal Entry said...

i enjoy ur pics alot!

DA said...

Happy belated eid