Friday, October 10, 2008

The wonders of the Aspirin Mask

P.S typing this post while the mask is on right now.

First check out this website for the complete article. I was first introduced to this mask by my gorgeous friend Diorella.

I have a very sensitive skin toward climate changes & obviously using new cosmetics. So While I was in Bahrain I got Sisly tinted moisturizer. BAM, my skin got red pimples all over. I kept on using Dalacin T every 5 minutes to control the reaction, Until I thought why not give this mask a chance.

Let me tell you this: it is a MIRACLE!! my skin is much much better in just one use. Bear on mind I only dissolved 2 tablets while it should be 7 or 10 each time.

YALLA girls & GUYS, try it out, it's amazing!


dreamy said...

although I dont need it but I'll try it out of curiosity =D

s* said...

LuLuuuu, i gotta try
let me recommend something I bought too!

ive been using the cream mal el acne and also the face wash its amaaazing, ybee3oonah fe Boots

plus using it with Cosmelan 2 to even out my skin tone..

amazing results in really short time

Anonymous said...

what do they mean by uncoated? :p

Layla said...

Dreamy, yeah try it out but just 2 tablets so it doesn't dry out your skin :)

S* : Ooooh BO '6ersain 3a6aneee Exfoliac but the lotion. it's Great :D I used the cream long time ago but it didn't help much, now I heard the moisturizer is so good, I might try it out. I want that cosmelan!! mn wain?

Anonymous: mmm I dunno what do they mean!! but I use the regular aspirin :P

aysha said...

i might try it with one tablet, or maybe half a tablet lol. akhaf my skin is so sensitive.

i love your entries, masha'Allah keep the enthusiasm going :)

Fastidious Babe said...

sounds interesting! lol might just try it for the sake of checking it out!

Brunette said...

7amasteny 3laih =D

kytheria said...

the idea of aspirin on my face is scary but i am very curious to try it.. which remedy did you use? with water drops or what?

Layla said...

Aysha, my skin is sensitive too, so the maximum I tried is 3 tablets. Aham shay you're not sensitive from Aspirin itself. If you could test it in a small area of ur face a7san ;)

all the best my friends.

Kyth, I tried the regular water drops & also the honey. I'd day the first is better, when I added honey it was too liquid-y & I didn't feel like my skin was moisturized as it claims