Saturday, October 11, 2008

A new day has come

It's literally my last day being free. Owning myself to myself! lool I sound like am getting married or something, well it is actually like that, am marrying myself to my new job. I've yet to know if the choice I made is the right one. Let's hope after 6 months I post saying am enjoying it.

Today, me & my cousin Layla * yep we share the same name too ;) * anyway we had a Noodle house take out which we enjoyed at her place. Poor thing Layla has the toughest job on earth: listening to me while I dwell over my life, my dreams-yet to happen & the smashed ones. Today the topic was the latter one. I hate it I hate it I HATE IT. I noticed whenever I'm pissed I would murmur Mohammad Abdo's song El wannah! it's shway comforting to me for some reason. So while doing that, Layla put the most wanasa song everrr & we started doing our stupid moves & cracking up. That's how my mood is instantly changed to be better. Layla you are the BEST

Gotta go, do the coolest job now :D Choosing my outfit for tomorrow yeeey!


kytheria said...

mabrook for ur new job sweety, inshalla ekon 5air 3alech ya rab. dont put in your mind that you're not gonna be happy or wait for an incident to make you feel uncomfortable there..i wish i can change mine but i always feel that my job is better than anywhere else.

dreamy said...

lulu mabrooooook a5eran btkrfeen mthlnaaa o u will no longer have free/off days yaaaaaaaaay =D

3ndy f'9ool aba a3rf wain? hints plz

LeW.LeW said...

AWWWWWW!! (a5eeran post 3anee broo7ee!!.. well and m7md 3abdoo!) .. thaanx babe im glad i was able to change ur mood.. just get me my sweet and sour chicken whenever ur pissed and i'll be more than happy to make u feel better ;D
i luv yew (K)

DA said...

am marrying myself to my new job <<< loved it (:

Gd Luck :D

Layla said...

Looooooovess & Huuugzz all of youuuu girls. thanx for the encouraging words my dears

Dreamy. Real estate babee ;)