Saturday, April 4, 2009

Make them Happy

Yesterday was my first official photography project. A low-publicity event for the orphan kids organized by my company. I was asked to cover the event, however I thought it would be nicer if I offered the kids a portrait of themselves as memory of this day.

If only one thing I noticed in all the photos I have taken. And it really brought tears to my eyes just to notice it was that non of the kids felt the urge to smile at my camera. They just never felt like smiling. It took me a hard time to imitate a smile and my failed attempts to : Say Cheeese please say cheeese! to finally see a smirk over their faces.

And even those who managed to smile, had this sad look in their eyes that was very obvious. I wanted to post one of my favorite shoots but I promised to keep it confidential.

Please my friends. Help others as much as you could.

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