Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thought of the day

I have been going on and on about this comment for a while now. Many issues piled up over my head and after I confessed it to one of my friends she answered calmly: “well my dearest, seems to me 2009 ain’t your year”

It kept me wondering how awful it sounded! I know for a fact I welcomed this year with a bad accident that made me abandon my beloved hobby, a mother-daughter non ending arguments for no apparent reasons and well work! Enough said. But yet I never felt like this ain’t my year although honestly I don’t like the number 9.

Have you had this thought about a Certain year?


mosha said...

sweety, the year just started we are not even half way through .. having bad experiences and situations at the beginning doesn't mean it'll continue to be a bad year .. just be positive w inshallah everything good will come your way ..

I read "hobby" as "hubby" i was like whaaaaaat!!!! then realized i have some kinda eye problem lol

anyways sweety don't think negatively ..
love ya xX

Bahrain Fashion said...

Love you blog; just discovered it. sooooooooo much fun reading it!! XD

EL JOOD said...

I would say 2008 for sure!
just be Optimistic you still dont know what 2009 hides ;)