Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Time to Reflect

Enough with the wake up calls, the dreadful mornings, the corrosive talking, the toxic atmosphere. I want a break!

That's it. My "light bulb" moment during a training I had today. I have let a minor situation get to me so bad, that it made me emotionally ill, physically disturbed. Is it all worth it? Absolutely not. Tell that to yourself LuLu. It always starts like this, something very easy to identify, way hard to solve.

All I needed was a break of all of this. A time I could sit calmly and just stare at nothing. Thank god for my Joody. A friend who will come to you even if you were in Antarctica. We drove around with A7lam's new CD blasting off the speakers and we laughed so much at our "Luck"
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