Saturday, April 11, 2009

Room 3701

I'm sitting on this desk, gazing out of the window which overlooks the bustling Sheikh Zayed road from the 37th floor. It's very dark and cold and silent in here. The only sound I hear is my lil sis occasional snoring and cars speeding. Very scary feeling.

I just came back from the most old fashioned wedding ever. Or what I called "Rustic" :P I don't know for a quite a reason I didn't like the guests, it sounded like they were forced to come, forced to dress nice and just sit and stare at others. What happened to the happiness and joy these days!!

Anyway. I had enough fun with my bestie that makes up for that wedding. So doesn't really matter.

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mosha said...

the only fun thing about going to weddings is making fun of people xP