Thursday, April 16, 2009

Comfort Food, anyone?

Freshly salted french fries

Mint chocolate chip ice cream

Gummy bears

Pasta with exxxtra creamy sauce

Over indulging in pizza slices

Yes, what's pain when food is this good :)

What's your comfort food SOS?

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Karamilah said...

oh i miss my comfort food. I didnt even complete a week since i started regulating my food pattern and food to be more specific.

I ate vegetables, carbs, fibers, little protein and i think that's it

but my comfort food is:
Greasy burgers.
Pistachio Almond Ice cream from baskin robbins
choco chip cookies (home made)
greasy noodles, and they should be spicy
and yeah nachos, cheese, salsa and jalapenos

Bent Aldar said...

Hey Lulu
When I am down I find my comfort in food  even when I am happy
Actually the food is Na3mah to enjoy it ,, I don’t know how some of people they don’t like to eat!!! And don’t enjoy food !!!!

I don’t like junk food .. I find my conforte in Pasta ,, I love all kind of carbohydrates
But when I am super super down I like to go to Chilies or Fridays or kill myselfe with Machoboos with hot souse!!
When I am happy I love to east sushi

Maitha* said...

My comfort food usually is:
-Mint chocolate chip icecream on a cone with chocolate sprinkles from baskin robbins.
- chocolate cherry coconut icecrem from mOre
- home made chocolate oats coconut balls
- Home made chocolate chip cookies yumm
- Home made oreo's cheesecake
- broooooooownies
- sh3eereeya dessert
- Masafi sweet chilli chips
- yummy freshly made popcorn.. I hate microwave popcorn lazm fresh from the jolly something can <3 with salttttttttttt yumm

and ofcourse.... home made nachos with everythinggggg and a patheticaly romantic movie