Sunday, April 26, 2009

What's Your Muse?

What gets you inspired! Something you look at and you suddenly go: AHA!!

In any sorta way, let it be science, fashion, business, beauty. Whatever is your interest or profession.

I'm challenged to come up with an idea that has to change/add value to the company. Except, I don't know where to start and what usually triggers new ideas.

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Maitha* said...

Try hard not to laugh, and before I say anything you really need to know that I HATE chocolate mousse, its the most disgusting dessert ever made on planet earth (with the exception of chocolate mousse royale icecream hahaha)... bs SUB7AN ALLAH when I ever need to be inspired the two words, CHOCOLATE MOUSSE pop in my head, then BAAAM great idea appears O_o

Baroque said...

anything, really.

A blog post.

Something I see.

A picture.

A flower.

Anything can be inspiring.

BeBe said...

what inspires me :
a drawing
a painting
a fashion style
a talented person
a song