Friday, April 17, 2009

The Ladder of Success

Bestie and I started reading Outlier by Malcom Gladwell. Her coming up with the idea to start reading to open up our minds is truthfully why I consider myself the luckiest to be around such fun, amazing and intellectual person. We do need to get out of our life bubble. The same old stuff. Work, shopping, eating out and sleeping.

Outlier draws the attention toward the story of success. While reading it, a sentence caught my eyes: "embrace the struggle". It sums up my current situation. I hope this book teaches me one or two lessons about life, for sure to learn never expect everything is come easy and quickly.

Happy weekends everyone :) a day filled with family, cooking, reading and basically anything other than work and wejaa3 el rass.
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mosha said...

i must get that!