Friday, April 10, 2009

"You" ba3d 3imrn 6weeel?

What do you see yourself after 5 years?

A question we have been asked zillion times, whether in job interviews, friends gatherings or even our parents.

My answer! It's illustrated in this pic by well who else than gorgeous Jessica Alba and her Cutie pie. I have this new formed dose of motherhood eagerness that is indescribable in any words.

We all know it's not easy, it's a HUGE responsibility and it's plain tiring. But I grew up where I saw real examples of people being married for over 30 years and they were deprived from the blessing of children and you know what! not money nor social status nor any single thing in the world could replace the sorrow on their eyes when they see newlyweds with tiny children in their arms.

There was this comment I heard and it kept ringing in my head for so long "I don't even have anyone who will offer me a sip of water when I grow older" I'm bad in translation, but the Arabic comment was soooo powerful that I remember like it happened a second ago. Sub7an Allah.

In every age phase, we wish for different things. Like back in University I was known for wishing to be a CEO for a company with an Office facing the beach. In school, I wanted to be a dentist, years years earlier I prayed for god to let win a million dollars :P that was the sum of my after five years wishes. But now I think completely different! all these things doesn't really matter because it was all pure materialistic. It didn't occur to me money and fame will vanish in a blink of an eye. But building a family and spending your life making sure you're paving the way for a whole generation to come, that's gigantic.

Let's be clear here, I still have an endless wish list. And I just splurged on that long awaited Tiffany & Co Gold Cuff =)

But there are hidden wishes that you just feel like it overpowers you and makes your existence in this life worth every second. The key for not regretting your wishes?

Please wish right, do the right decision and think through everything. That's when besties comes in handy. A7bhm.

At the end of the day, we can only say As Rashid Al Majed says:
"يا زين خل الأمور اتصير عفوية"


Salama: I *HEART* You.
Mahra: I appreciate you "slapping" me back to reality.
Shwai5, joody & Little Bully: Listening to 3ala el Bal with your picture on the background at Lil.B's birthday :( ayyam lait.ha et3oood.
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Maitha* said...

you know, i have an ultimate goal that i want to reach by age 40 or 50 but never thought anything in between! I just keep on adding mini goals every few months to reach my ultimate goal..

So what am I going to be in 5 years,, mm thats tough!
Well, i see myself just married, working, and doing something good.