Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ti amo


Andrea oh Andrea.

Let's skip the part where I drove for one hour to get into the concert where it usually takes 2 minutes. Two pills of Advil to curb the migraine attack that was about to hit. Noor & I raced our steps to get into the best seating. And wow we sat on the verrry last seats at the back of the outdoors arena. The view was panoramic. The beautiful emirates palace on our right, palm trees all around us barely standing in front of the super cold wind. And Of course Andrea enchanting on a stage built literally two steps from the sea. It was Out of this Simple world.
I never loved Italy as much as yesterday.

1 comment:

BeBe said...

anche io
me too i love italy :P
i really wish i were there to see him i love his voice :)