Friday, March 27, 2009

Yes. I'm Still Here

Affa! my favorite month of the year passed so darn fast. Lel2asaf =(

I'd rather not say it was a So-So month, the good days "outperformed" the bad ones ( lol I had to use that word, I learned it ams at work)

My birthday is crowned on top of my highlight list. One word: Perfect. More than Perfect. Lovely, full of friends, family, laughter & oh yeah Surprises.

Today is Andrea Bocelli's concert. My one and only Italian affair lol. I just remember how many times I approached those local bands at hotels and restaurants to play "It's time to say goodbye". It triggered my tears in 5 seconds. I loved that song, I memorized it by heart even though I didn't understand one word. Today I'm hearing it live.

Wish you all a happy fun weekend

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Maitha* said...

My mum's going to the concert! Im so jealous lol
time to say goodbye is also my favourite <3 btw I googled its translation a few years back and it makes that song even more special! The best version is when he signs it with sarah brightman!

Im so happy!! to finally find someone with a similar age thats an emarati that listens to Opera! I always get weird looks when i say i love opera! bs wallah music aint music without opera!