Saturday, March 14, 2009

Great Start

What are Birthdays without great mornings. Accompanied with a bowl of Cheerios and friends
. The happiness has filled me since yesterday with those endless lovely msgs I got. Let's just say 90% of them contained the word: Prince Charming & McDreamy ;) well who can't smile at that.

Also, I got even happier when fate took its charm and made my cousin/Bestie "Z" deliver a beauuuuutifull chubby baby boy yesterday. I warned her to wait until my birthday lol how shallow. By the way, she's the same person who had cravings over Chips Oman while she was pregnant.

And Oh the dreams I had yesterday couldn't be more perfect. Kinda so far of coming true, but still, I woke up with an ear to ear S M I L E

Gotta jump into that hot bubbly bath now and get ready for the girlie outdoors lunch today, Yaay.

Happy Birthday Pisces-ians.
We Rock & We Roll =D


Maitha* said...

Happy Birthday lulu!!! Im a pisces too :D

Karamilah said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaappy Birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
may all ur wishes come true, and 3qbal (choose #) of years to come.

ne ways enjoy ur b-day girl

BeBe said...

hope u feel happy everyday :)not just in ur birthday ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!
I was born on the 14th too! :D
Hope you had a great time.