Saturday, August 1, 2009

when you are completely disappointed

You become hostile. You count the moments you spent with them. You count the amount of stories you told them. You count the times you talked about them in front of everyone. You count the moments you thought you are the luckiest.

Until, you see their other side. The darkest most hidden side.

And guess what, it's the side that they say they completely disapprove, they loathe to see it on other people. They make you believe they are a blessing from god and one of a kind.

This post is dedicated to those who everyday, we discover; they weren't worth our time.


Mzmz said...

You always impress me lulu with ur writing, its like ur speaking on behalf on me most of the time!!
you're so talented and gifted in many ways my friend and when i said i wan to name my daughter after you i meant it 100%!!!
It hurts so much to discover that the one you truly loved, respected, and shared a joke or a laugh that u still laugh abt it whenever u remember it, is not here anymore to laugh with you again!!
but we have to move on and realize they weren't ours @ the first place so we cane grief abt them!!
I should stop counting all the moments !!!