Saturday, August 15, 2009

A collection of thoughts

In any kind of relationship. There got to be limits drown to where a discussion should end. To where a comment could be thrown in the middle.

I have always thought saying things is as easy as making it happen. But it wasn't. Don't we sometimes regret representing ourselves as the sweetheart in relationships. The person who is the "sponge" in the relationship

I built my way of dealing with people according to the saying "treat others like you want them to be treated". But I guess the other parties sometimes think selfishly. They say whatever they want because they are "something" to you. In other words "ymonooon 3alaina"

Since there is nothing called a perfect relationship. Allowing few incidents to sneak in is normal. Because it show you one or two things about yourself. About how you dragged yourself to the bottom. The bottom of what could be called a relationship.

On the higher note. There are the people who understands you perfectly. Who respects you for who you are; they see you as a combination of feelings. They know what to say, what to do in the right time. They fail to make you angry or sad. Guess what! those people are not your closest. They are from your reach. We always like to be around our opposites.


Yesterday. I was wondering why god created the life cycle?

Why do people die! I don't want my life to stop being normal after anyone close to me "just stop being there"

Having thought of that. Mom was struck with her Migraine day. We all know when that simple thing happens she has to be rushed to the hospital because ain't nothing could soothe the pain unless it's an injection of Voltarine. Just seeing her being sick, made me think of the huge responsibility I have toward my brothers. I have to mentally grow myself 10 years older to be with them while she's at the hospital.

What's even more fascinating that I myself have a smoother version of migraine that comes now and then. It s fascinating to me because it makes me feel excatly how my mom goes through. They say doctors can't feel our pain. Because they simply don't know the kind of pain we go through. But when it comes to my mom, I know excatly what she feels. I can touch the right nerves and feel her pain. I know what to massage and what not to touch. Sub7an Allah.


Pre-Ramadan time feels dull this year. It feels like summer then somehow it's Ramadan time. not quite right!
I hate the messages I get about forgiving others. I think people should ask for forgiveness all the time. "if" they knew they hurt others. They shouldn't wait for Ramadan. Or not bad talk about people throughout the year and use the holly month as an excuse to forgiveness. I don't know it gets to me. Anyho. Allah Ysami7 el jmeee3 :)


It' funny that I was watching Bee Movie and Barry the Bee "narrated by the brilliant Jerry Seinfeld" was saying that rather than feeling angry and stinging others which will obviously kill the bee himself, he jokingly suggested writing an angry letter and throwing it away. In my case, typing an angry post always cools me down.

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