Friday, August 21, 2009


Mohammed is the son of my bestie/cousin "z". I love him to the extent, I named myself his godmother. I'm still not sure what responsibilities that entitles me to lol.

Isn't he such a cutie ?

Today, me and my little sis decided to make some dessert. Mom got this new hand-held mixer and we wanted to try it out. Baked Cheesecake was our choice. Oh boy what a failed attempt. I don't know what is the deal with me and dessert making. It never turns out right. Although the cheesecake tasted delish, but it looked horrible. The crust was very butter-y and the filling was only half an inch :(

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Kooshi said...

7biiibi mashallah 3laaaih <3 ,, and about the desserts believe me ur not the only one with the failin; attempts :P