Saturday, August 15, 2009

If we could do anything, we could do this!

Little gestures have a great impact on people.

In this particular time of the year. The heat! Humidity and the increasing number of workers under the sun. What could we do?

"Cold Water Campaign" is basically distributing water bottles to workers on the street. Those who we pass through and see while we're cruising around the city.

Just think of the "Ajer" from Allah to quench the thirst of the workers. Their thankful smiles would keep you going the who day if you could.

It's very simple. Buy a box of water bottles from your nearest supermarket. Keep the box opened next to you and cruise the street happily us your usual days. Once you see a group of workers, just stop and offer them the bottles. Believe me they won't say no. Bl3aks they would come rushing with a huge smile on their faces. This could also be a great activity for a group of friends. And it's also open for a little creativity.

Let's make our city, our life a better one :)

P.s bloggers you are welcome to distribute the message in your spaces.
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nosa said...

i got this in an email.. n allah ejazi 9a7b elfekra el2ajr..

nothing is a lil or small deed.. kela ajr o 5air

Delicately Realistic said...

I LOVE that !

A few days back we offered a bottle of water to a man who's car broke down in the middle of the road ... it felt sooo good ;>

Y36ekom il3afya !