Thursday, August 13, 2009

La Dolce Vita

I loved every moment I spent in Italy. I ate so much and drank a lot of coffee that I can't focus till the end of this post.

I'm just speechless of how wonderful Italians are. Very "very" respectful to our culture. Their laid back lifestyle is unbeatable.

For some reason, every time I travel, I get hooked to Kathem Al Saher music. This time, it's "Ana wa Layla". I feel like he is really singing to me ;)


nosa said...

ur pix r breath taking!it only makes me wana go to italy even more..

nosa said...

n yeah maybe whenever u travel is too amakn soo romanceya o nice.. o ka'6em is classy o romantic.. so thy match..
>> a7alel bs! hehe

Confashion said...

Siiigh.. I so want to be there now!

Euphoria said...

Love the pics!! glad that you had fun :)

Elegant Chic said...

Stunning pics!
I wanna b thr now now now!
Glad u enjoyed ur vacation!:)

Noufa said...

Gosh the pictures are so beautifulllllll I wanna go there xD

Moza Al D said...

I heart ths song!!!!!!
bas not more than your blog ele i cant get enough NOR not more than you ele i can never imagine my life with you my dear friend