Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hit The Target

"En damat le '3airak, ma we9letak Al7een"  The radio people should really work harder to pick encouraging songs every morning. 

That half an hour drive every morning gets me thinking about such issues.  Opportunities for instance. How do we define anything we go through is an opportunity.  As something, if we miss, we should really really regret.

We may see education as an opportunity, others see work as another opportunity. And of course our mothers see the mirage of a new guy coming in as an "opportunity". 

Well, everyone with his own mindset.

lots of phrases are thrown here and there that somehow should encourage us to look and find our golden opportunity.  Phrases like: " Go for it", "Don't miss out on anything", "if you don't catch it, somebody will"

I think, "You Create Your Own" is the best.  But how easy to say, how hard to follow.

P.s when in Doubt just trust your Gut.  It will tell you whether this opportunity is worth it or not.  Be confident and have faith in God, that no matter what comes into your life  it's either a stepping stone of failure or the first step on the ladder of success and happiness. Knowing that failures is not bad, it create innovation at the end.

*Dedicated to my Muse: Mzmz

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Ali AlWahedi said...

Wooooow great words from my best cousin

BTW i love your blog keep it updated