Sunday, November 15, 2009

Memiors of a Day

As we were about to leave the place. Another car parked across the street. A lady I would assume in her late twenties was driving an SUV. She was waiting for her kids to cross the street from our side. They were 2 boys and a girl. My dad noticed how energetic the kids were, so he stopped. Put on the signal to show the speeding cars to slow down while those kids were running to their mom.

The boy and the girl passed the street. A second later, my mom echoed screams and dad's strong horn made me freeze in my seat. The third kid was hit by a speeding car right in front of us.....

12 hours earlier.......

Since Ramadan ended, I haven't had a single weekend. I wake up at 6:30 everyday, sometimes a bit earlier and sometimes I indulge in a few minutes more before I hit the shower, or just switch on the dvd and watch something to gradually have the well to go out of bed.

Yesterday, and for the first time, I was able to sleep until it was 10. How fabulous! I woke up. My family were all here. Perfect! that means breakfast with them. Mama's usual attempts to make "traditional" ryooog & dad's comments over whatever he reads in the newspaper. And my brothers whom are busy with their own gadgets.

In the lunch time, we gathered around mom's machboos, I took the courtesy to tell them my January plans, gym plans, riding plans, summer plans and post everything plan. Few laughs that is followed by: "Ya Baba, one thing at a time"

Afternoon, I disappeared in my room to catch up on my TV shows. Oh and did I mention, I became an addict to iTunes purchasing! It's so much fun.

After Maghreb prayer, I packed my Ipod & camera we went to AlAin. The more peaceful side of Abu Dhabi. My attempt to make Chai-7leeb was a huge success. We reached Mbazzarah. I folded my leggings and tangled my feet in that River of Gold. The water was extreemly hot, I couldn't bear few seconds and lifted my feet again. I continued doing that until It was time to leave.

And that's when It happend

Dad opened the car's door, ran to the kid who was laying on the ground. I heard dad screaming at the driver: "Ma tshooof??"

Only god's miracle made the kid stand up and run to his mom. She was literally expressionless! The kid had few scratches over his face but that was it.  Thank god for my mom's quick mind-processing of what just happened in front of her. She rushed to the kid and his mom, she hugged the kid and started wiping his little face with cold water.

Accidents take mere seconds to happen.  Whether they injure us or they don't.  They are printed in our memories so vividly.

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Y.F. said...

That's a horrifying experience! Nevertheless, I thank you for sharing it as it reminds us of how lethal our cars or even we could become in the blink of an eye.
On the other hand, I loved how you went back in time for 12 hours to show us, in my opinion, how a normal peaceful start of a day could end so dramatically..

Good job Layla