Friday, November 13, 2009

و يعز من يشاء

" This encounter would crystalize in my memory - almost into a mythological moment that I could return to and visit in present tense whenever I wanted or needed its message.  I see the sports car in front of me just as if it's today, circling in slow motion, with the whirring sound of that unbelievably powerful engine as it idles, waiting and purring like a lion about to pounce." Chris Gardner of his book The Pursuit of Happyness

That first encounter with Chris and the Red Ferrari owner made him realize what the power of information meant.  As a homeless, single parent and uneducated person, he bluntly asked: What do you do? 
The Ferrari guy answered him: "A stockbroker"

My part of the story is little different.

It was the F1 day race in Abu Dhabi.  I was standing in front of The Yas Hotel door waiting for my friend to come.  The creme of the crop of people were coming and going,  riding their one of its kind cars, wearing the most luxurious garments and looking their best.  I was looking around, half blinded of the sun reflecting over the cars and straight into my eyes.  for a little girl physically and emotionally to be around such a surrounding.  I was just thinking, my education & my job; brought me here.  And this is just the beginning.


Y.F. said...

"I was just thinking, my education & my job; brought me here"..your education will bring you to many places..and if you keep it up, at some point, your education will bring the world to you said "this is just the beginning"..

Moza Al D said...

I wanna read that book... it might inspire me lol

Moza Al D said...

There was a guy in the ocean drowning. He prayed to god to save him. Two boats came and asked if he needed help. The guy replied twice, "No thanks god will save me". The guy drowned and went to heaven. He asked god why he didn't save him. God said, "I sent you two boats dummy".