Wednesday, November 4, 2009


It's the internal pain you feel. Take a deep breath and you will feel your heart weakening half the way through the sigh. Yes! here it is, right there.  Just stop.  Take another deep breath,  force your face muscles to form a smile.  No, not that crocked smile.  A better one please.

Few weeks back, I was having a conversation with a dear someone.  He said: Life is so unfair, & then he concluded: "No one can look at his life and say, mine is perfect"

It got me frustrated.  I looked at him with all the anger I could manage to show: " Your family are okay? You are perfectly healthy, You work, you have good education, everyone "y3iz" 3alaik is fine"

Then were is the Not perfect part of your life?

We seemed to drift away from the true meaning of happiness and attached it to probably the only obstacle we have in our life, and then we said our life is missing.  Look at the big picture my friends. Look at the dimensions of your life. You brought up in a completely safe country, you have great parents and loveable surrounding. 

So what if work gets hectic, if we get a cold or a sore ankle.  Should we put a Stop sign on our door and dwell?

My mom travelled to my grandma and aunties.  I couldn't because of my weekend course which I enrolled in. I decided to call grandma and hear her voice atleast.  I heard her Sigh and say: "lel2asaf Ya Binty Mantee Ma3ana"

These few words sent me in a river of tears, knowing how much I miss her, how much I love having breakfast with her, that simple platter of Labneh and Cucumber, that mug filled with hearty Chai-7leeb taste like.  Everything is different.  When those people in your life are fine.  You should raise your hands to the sky and left out a sigh that murmers: "Thank You God"


Anonymous said...

I heard her Sigh and say: "lel2asaf Ya Binty Mantee Ma3ana"

this words kills me...

allah yattol fe 3omorha yaaa raaab

nosa said...

el7mdelah on everything in life..

sometimes we become so ungreatful just coz of a small little thing that happened that we dont like..

urrghh human beings n their minds..

if u look @ other ppl n how their life is u'l say elhumdela n that u have a perfect life..

always look at poorer ppl.. or who ever is less then u.. u'll go bk to being happy n greatful 4 everything u have

Moza Al D said...

7ayatee lulu.. every time u write something it touches me in a way that i cant explain and motivates me and most important gives me hope in life & never GIVE UP!!! you are my Hero lulu.