Sunday, October 25, 2009

Breathe Out the Hatred

You never know how successful you are, until some empty-headed people who I may also add: very shallow,  materialistic *i.e they think their whole existence is based on their ownership of an hermes bag* come out of no where attacking you for no apparent reasons but jealousy and boredom. 

When I look at myself,  I see all the things that other people would dream to have.  I have faith, self-worthiness, and pride.  Something your daddy's money can't buy.  I refuse to be sucked in into fights over: I'm richer, I'm prettier, I'm whatever heck of a deal they have.  

My friend, How would our society grow and learn that status, religious, background differences is so old news?  now it's the time to Earn your success and name.  I personally felt sad over the fact that some people just never change.

p.s Allah la Ykathir mn Amthalkm 


Anonymous said...

:) i love your blog..keep writing!!

FingerPrint said...


Those shallow, worthless people need to get a life ..