Monday, October 12, 2009


What happened four years ago is being repeated right now. In this minute. In this second, a stream of pictures goes around my mind, reminding me of our glorious days. The days we lived under his care, love and genuine kindness. This rare person, who left us a legacy that would stay as long as shall we live, is leaving us today. Once again, unexpected, unforgettable.

This huge picture that stood mightily in the Cornishe road reminding us everyday that Baba Zayed is watching us. Caring about his people. Seeing this picture *sent to everyone via the magic of bb* made everyone silently wiping the tears of loss. It's what that tangible monument represents: The intangible secret.

A secret of our happiness; You Obboya :( Allah Yer7amk.

Edit: Fire ate the frame only. Thank god

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