Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Boxing up the Anniverseries

12th October dates my first year at my first job ever. Yeho. Mabrook for me.

Oh yeah let's move on.

Last week and this week, I have done a pile of activities with my friends and cousins. Opening of the Middle East Film Festival was ah-maazing. Lots of actors and actresses I met. Surpisingly, everyone was very kind and sweet. This diminishes the stereotype I keep hearing about celebrities being complete snobs. One highlight of the evening was Demi Moore passing right next me. And well, meeting "Bu 9agir"

who I instantly told:"9aya7tni fl musalsal"

He let out a big laughter and said: "Hatha ely Kint abi aw9allah"

Funny encounter about the festival was my friend telling me a day before. " You know Clooney is coming?" I answered her completely transfored in my own thoughts: "NOOO Su3aad Abdullah is Coming as well" she gave me the look of how I could relate those two togather.

P.S Make sure to check my blog few hours later, I'll add the pix I took from the event.

Moreover, time with my cousins is just delightful. I love them to every bit of my life. We crack up over anything and everything. We always have great time. I thank god for them being in my life seriously. Cousins are something unique, they are not your sister who will constantly tell you: "do this and do not do that" and they are not your friends who you will have the inner doubt of being hurt one day. Those are the people you know by heart will be there for you, when everyone goes away. I still love and can't breathe without my sister and friends lol.

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