Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We *Heart* Marami

It's the newest eddition to the fashion industry. A girls' new BBF I must say. Why not! when Marami is promised to house high-end accossries we've been thriving to have in the country. From Lara Bohanic ahmaazing bracelets to Bando cutest head bands and even Carrie's infamous Eiffel tower clutch.

Until they open their first store at the giant The Dubai Mall , be the first to have a sneak peak at their collection on their facebook group Marami Online. They accept orders online too :D

Here's their FB description:

"Marami is a new high-end accessories concept bringing you the latest trends from all over the world including Dubai, Lebanon, Paris, London, New York, all the way to LA.

Marami believes in complementing your style with accessories be they jewelry, handbags, hair accessories, or scarves. We at Marami are dedicated to bringing you the jewels of brands that are hidden all over the world.

Opening soon at The Dubai Mall. Marami Online is pleased to provide you with online shopping service through facebook, to be shipped wherever you are in the world. We appreciate your patience as we update our Group with the details and pricing of our accessories.To order please send us an email at:


Excited :D


kytheria said...

the store looks cool, i will definitely give it a visit when i go to dubai mall even though i didnt like it. half of the stores are still not opened and this bothered me alot.thnx for sharing.

Alia Almidfa said...

I LOVE MARAMIIIIIII <3 it just opened officially today at dubai mall xD