Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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Thanx Maitha* for the tag, you a are the first my dearest *Blow ya a kiss*

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1. Well they say the first sentence of everything is the hardest. Let's skip it to the second & see if I recall something at the end, shall we ?

2. I'm a very very classic person. It is my dream to live in the 80's & 70's. Not the American one , no the Kuwaitie :P I love all the old musalsalat, I love their accent, their clothes & yeah their furniture * velvet sofas & the famous brown curtain um Warda*. I'm soooo fascinated by Khaligie oldies music as well. From Abdulkareem, to Abdu & Abu Baker Salim, I adore them all *'3baaaarrrrr*

3. I love gooogling everying. So it didn't come as a surprise for me to work as a development analyst. I get to google everything for the whole day. Today for instance I googled Disney Tokyo, Plaza Athenee & how to make the perfect summer Lemonade

4. I have the most familiar face on earth lol. I never met a person who didn't tell me you reminded me of other person they know.

5. When I was a lil kid, I was beaten down by my older brother on daily basis - owwwwiiii - think purple bruises over my face & teary eyes pictures. As we grew up, we came to realize as much as we hated each other, it got replaced by this indescribable love & resssspectt. Love Ya Barhooomiiiii

6. I love singing throughout the day, poor family & Salama. mallaw mn 9oooti ely magoool '3air enh kanareeee :P

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The Sartorialist - Yeah Right :P
Elyy weddah ejaweb 7ayyah allah

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Under Pressure said...

I have a very familiar face too, it's annoying sometimes...
And I kinda liked what you said about the beating LOL =D ..