Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Wish to

  • get well soon
  • bring more joy to my less fortunate family members
  • find an alternative to that hobby
  • meet prince charming ASAP
  • eat healthy
  • make the yummiest pancakes for Salama
  • redecorate the house
  • get a BB & the whole photography equipment I've been postponing forever
  • finish watching Seinfeld, I know I took so long my friend ;)
  • Go out with my cousin more often
  • remember thanking god for everything
  • Be Happy x100000
AHA Moment: I realized my wishes are sort of things that need a push, going that extra mile of thinking, it's not so hard to make it actually happen minus the prince charming part obviously lol


Maitha* said...

Just have hope ;)

Butter said...

Inshalla all the things you want come true.
I've seen all Seinfeld, the only show that cracks me up a lot. You will enjoy it to the end.

mosha said...

7abeety lulu, inshallah someday soon u'l find your prince charming and if you didn't i doont mind working as a 5a6aabah just for you coz you deserve all the best <3 I hope you get well soon .. w 3ala 6ari el pancakes I have always wanted to master them 3ashan 3gb my kids egoloon 7ag rabe3hom "our mommy does the best pancakes in the world" lol ..
Love you xX

Layla said...

MOshaaa, yaay that is SO sweeet of uuuu 7abiiiibty. I found couple of recipes,better try them outttt. mwaaahzz

Butter. I KNOWWW, elaine youm et3a9b SO hilaaarioussss

Maitha* hope is what keeps me going ma friend ;) thanxxx

shosho said...

I think you should add one important thing which is:

** talking to your old friends at least once every 2 months ;)

inshalla all your wishs will come true, " If you can dream and wish, then you can do it ".