Thursday, February 12, 2009

An Eye Opener

" You don't realize how precious the things you have until you lose them"

Have you ever seen that Friends episode when Ross thinks he was gun Shot while he was riding the police car? where he suddenly understand the meaning of life & sees everything differently.

urrrgh I hate to admit it, but Yes I miss work. I miss me constantly trying to impress them & juggle between my social life & them. I was depressed after uni grad, I became more depressed when I started working. And now it's been a week I'm resting at home after getting into an accident and I keep thinking of the amount of good work I would have been able to present if I was at work. It's really weird for a split second mis-happening, everything just stop. And it stopped for a reason, to show me that I had no right to be upset over going to work everyday and ironically learn something g new.

I even realized that those who you least expect a good deed from, turn out to be the one who stand up for you and help you adjust to that sudden change.

And you know what, I learned that no matter how old you become, your parents will never fail to parent you all over again. Feed you, change your clothes & make you awful-tasting-drinks for your pain to go away.

Here's to everyone who was there for me through it all. You all know yourselves & I'm grateful for this eye opener. It showed me what a real gem you are.


Butter said...

7amdilla 3al salama sweetheart...

Delicately Realistic said...

Selamat ;)

Work gives u a sense of purpose.
It is actually a very healthy thing contrary to our own beliefs.