Monday, February 9, 2009


Is it really a type of nostalgia that I remember very tiny details happened a year ago, or that is just a plain mental disorder of Not wanting to let go of these nice memories. And how can I not remember when I'm typing this post while listening to my favorite heart-moving song: Ra3ni by Abdullkareem Abdul Qader.

And speaking of mind reading, lol I mean off topic. I woke up today talking about Bahrain and wishing to go back one more time. Hours later, my brother said out of the blue: "Layla sho rayech we go to Bahrain for the weekend" oh my, I hope he holds that thought till we actually go there. This time I'll make sure to:
  • More & more mattay
  • Have dinner at Monsoon
  • Walk through Moda Mall properly
  • Get one of these exquesite pearl creations at Al Mahmoud
  • Al Hawaj perfume shopping & Jashanmall in the morning

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