Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend 23.1.2009

And it died!

My precious 4 years old laptop :P all my pictures, my vedios, my university documents and most of all my wishlist folder. all gone. I came back from dubai excited to transfer all the beautifull picutres I have taken in the days I spent there. Unfortunatly, the screen read "Fan error" and it got shut down. Ya Allaaaah!

I was sooooo in the mood to post. But anyway Dad will take it to E3jaz, who is ism 3ala musamma, a pakistani computers genious. I just want to retrieve everything and throw it away.

This weekend I realized that if you go with the flow, stop planning every single second, the outcome is far more exciting than following anything else. I wasn't even sure i'm going , or even spending the night there.
All I know, everything happened for a reason.

I was blessed to spend the best of the best times with the bestest bestie in the whole world :D loool yeppp that's Salama.

Indulging in the yummiest pancakes outdoors, the freeezzing wind @the beach, and cruising The Walk with "ya 7a'6 3aink" blasting off the speakers. I loved every second of those two days. I enjoyed it so much that coming back to Abu Dhabi felt like a huuuuge burden over my heart.

I drove to work today with my tears all over my face. I don't know what was I sad for! because y3zz 3alay to leave all that fun behind, or because I get to see my bestie once a month or that I feel I grew up so fast and I've yet to get used to working life.

excuse me someone is having an early age crisis :P


A Journal Entry: WOW I got an award for my nonsence lol, thank you soooo much
Phenomenal Zabi: Happy Birthday domestic goddess :D
Noor: Good luck with the upcoming two months, now you have a stronger reason to hate our subways lunch
Salama: I don't care if it ruins ur tiny gamboo3a :P I'm hugging you foreverrrrrr. Lots of Looove



today wonderful cos weekend here..sorry for are at work....P so bad sorry for ur PS...sometimes that computer making me madly..usualy nice but sometimes so silly machine...smtimes i m afraid from it...good work...dont care nothing...everything ve solve,not only solve for die...from istanbul bye...i wait to visit to my blog..ok..

Little B said...

Lulu.. thats what i was thinking on my way to work today n the lump in my throat wouldn't go.. we did grow up :_( .. Thank your for the birthday wishes.. ur awesome!

Limited said...

fdaait dubai walla <3 <3 so what did u do there? and that computer! just be hopeful that everything is retrieved then go out and buy a new one ASAP!

A Journal Entry said...

that nonsence i call art ;)

eshda3wa said...

glad u had such a good time!

Maitha* said...

your poor laptop, hope it gets fixed soon! glad u had a nice holiday here in dxb! its freezing todayyyy