Sunday, January 18, 2009

El Hawa Shargee

o ana galbe haweee el shargeya *Hearts*

I want to Sleeeep, I want to eat, I want to see the people I said goodbye to 8 hours ago.

I spent the weekened in KSA, shargeya to be exact,

Evey single time I go there, I come back feeling extreeeeemly depressed and lonely. Laih?

- I get to meet new people whom I bound with very fast then Bam I should say goodbye and return to my life *Winks*
- I love how I'm apprecaited there
- How everyone thinks I'm soooo gorgoues and different <<>
- Granny lives here and that's enough for me to consider KSA my home
- The life here in the UAE changed to be more individualist which I hate so much
- Their Food is ahmaaaazzzzzing

Pause ......

I'm at work now and I felt like I should let it out here. Promise with Pixx to come.

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Limited said...

ive never been to saudi =/