Thursday, January 1, 2009

The 100th: Great Time Flies By

In every year end, we come to celebrate the best moments we have encountered during those 365 days. The days we were blessed to live through, to share what we have and hope for the blessing to continue.

Since this is my 100th post, I decided to remind myself that after 10-15 years, I will go back and say: But you know the year 2008 was so different!

By far, this year was a big roller coaster of events that dramatically changed my life. Made me literally grow up & tickle that spot in my heart that has been long enough snoozing:
  • Starting from January with the bestestestest trip I was luckily to be part of. Lesson learned: Travel with your friends as much as you could. No matter how cool and fun are your parents, your friends are triple that fun. Especially when you fly 15 hours away from home :D
  • Feb thru April: My internship and the first glimpse at the real world outside the university bubble.
  • March. My big 21 birthday *Heartsss*
  • June. Finally graduating university with a smashing GPA & looong vacay to look for.
  • October. Landing my first official job which I'm enjoying so so much.
  • November -December . Starting the one sport I've been De Ja vu-ing about since I was a little kid *details to be disclosed soon :P *
I never made me "real" rosolution list. I just wish ely feeh el5air comes my way.

Wish you all a year full of success and tremendous fun


- F said...

You had an exciting positive year ;p! May 2009 be as twice as good! Happy new year!

mosha said...

enjoy 2009 to the max <3

Ex-clamation Mark said...

Happy New Years! It's nice to keep record of everything so you can look back and smile at all the wonderful memories =)

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

woow mashallah ur so lucky
y wnt education get de hell out of my way 2
salaamz sister u hve a lovely blog u really do
inshallah do visit myn :)
may u hve a great year
i knw am lte bt hey dis yr islamic nd normal new year were vry close 2getha ( i tke tht as a gd sign) lol