Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekend 2009

Not enough Whipped Cream ?

I never looked forward to weekends as much as I did this time. For the past couple of weeks, things weren't going great at work. Yes! problems and disputes are bound to happen with new people.
However I'm trying to think Positive and the "Let Go" technique by Marshal Goldsmith is working good with me.

Home became more of the place where my heart wants to be every time I feel mistreated at work. And Marina Mall became the place where I burn my credit card to feel slightly happier.

Today morning, I woke up energized! went to practice my new hobby then came back to watch David Letterman show while making me Hallomi Cheese sandwich grilled to Perfection.

Want the recipe? Suuuuure

- Slices of Halloomi cheese, soaked in water to get rid of excessive salt
- Cucumber
- Fresh Basil
- Sun Dried Tomato/ cut horizontally
- Tbs Pesto sauce *Optional*

Stuff all these ingredients into ur fave bread & toast it until cheese is melted. Enjoy it along with Chilllled Snapple fruit punch :D

- Mabrook Class of 2009. Finally, you did it :D
- Abeer & Hallah, You are both my mama bears


A Journal Entry said...

that sandwitch does look goooood.. gonna do me one!

mosha said...

what's ur new hobby girrrrl =P?

kytheria said...

It seems that your and banoota were in a good mood of cooking this weekend, i wish i can be so friendly with the kitchen haha. the cup looks delicious, what was the drink?