Sunday, January 11, 2009

Help moi

WOHO, one of the directors at my work recognised my photographs and asked me if I could display my favorite work at a staff meeting at the end of this month. Appearanlty, every single employee will be coming to this meeting. I'm kinda confused for what to choose to be showcased! I don't even think my photographs are that good to be displayed LOL. please help me my friends, if you have seen a picture that you absolutly loved loved in my blog and you think it's worth displaying infront of 1000 employee please let me know ASAP

Who knows it might be my chance to el njoomeyah :P


mosha said...

honestly i don't remember your pictures but i remember that there were some nice Florida pix

shosho said...

says who that u r pic's r not good haaa,

listen akthar shay 9owar el6abe3a wayed 7elwa, swa2 ely t76enhom hne or ely ma 7a6etehom yet.

So0o0o go for it, it's a good chance ;)

and good luck, tell me when i will come and see ;D

Limited said...

well i dont really know .. thats up to u .. i think u should pic ur favorites .. and dont tell me u dont have favorites .. im a photographer and even though i love all my work i do have favorites =D

A Journal Entry said...

my favs are the pic of the two kidz in ur joy post and the pic of the new kittens..

Anonymous said...

I love your PICS and I think you should do it ,
I like the pictures for the Pearl school and Head Office building in Raha Beach it will be nice to show that Pics in the staff gathering,, I thought I will found your Pic in Daranaa news letter 

Ahhh also I love the UAE balloons and the pic for the tree in your first post in 2009

,,, alsara7ah I love them all


Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

lol aww salaamz sis
inshallah go 4 it and good luck you must be very excited
btw i think the pik of the cat is beautifull (and i hte cats)
bt i dnt knw the eyes evrything there was sumthin about it
aswell as the joy picks
inshallah let us knw wt u pik
and yeah am new 2 ur blog
soo HII lol
naz :)

kytheria said...

hun do not underestimate yourseld, others are not better than you who keep their noses in everything whether they fit in or not, you have alot of good photos, just showcase whatever make you confident and happy to show to public, some photos are kept personal and has certain memories.