Saturday, December 13, 2008

Where Am I ?

Hope you all had a wonderful time this Eid!

Me? it wasn't so much. I realized how important is when both parents are there during such times of the year. Mom is in Al Madeena right now, she calls me every now and then to ask me: shooo ad3eeelch ?? lol I ran out of wishes

I haven't been blogging regularly & I'm sorry for that, been busy with work, my new hobby & shopping aimlessly.

I gtg now, will be taking my bro & sis to the arcades, then to watch Bolt at the cinema :)


What's with random people asking about my salary :S



Yah, I always get asked about that tooo. . .. its one of the questions PEOPLE should stop ASKING, , , cuz its RUDE ! ! !

Ruby Woo said...

that little boy is adorable!!

Karamilah said...

u've got a nice blog.

shosho said...

is it the same when i called you and you didn't answer????

Saying that you are watching a movie

king-uae said...

مشاء الله عليهم
وربي يحفظهم من كل شر

king-uae said...

ربي يحفظهم